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Perks -

Free Networking & Hidden Job Market Access

The best jobs are found in the hidden market. Develop genuine relationships with employers to gain access through free networking events!


Free CV Write-up

We provide a free CV analysis report for all candidates. We even select 20 random candidates every month and write them a free CV!

Mission -

We create fulfilling jobs for quality candidates by inviting and helping them to establish genuine long-term relationships with UK, US and Canada employers over networking events, meals, coffees etc.

To obtain a fulfilling job you love, start developing real relationships with employers now, not until you are open to the job market!

Perks -

Mission -

We help employers build a long-term pipeline of quality, genuine candidates to help reduce recruitment and redundancy costs significantly.

Don’t start hiring only when you need to - Develop genuine long-term relationships with candidates NOW to increase your long- term talent pool and hire the right talents!

Free Placement and Outplacement

Unlike a traditional recruitment firm, we don't charge employers a placement fee. We refer profiles of genuine candidates for free.

Free Networking & Job Shadowing Arrangements

We regularly hold networking events and arrange job shadowing opportunities for employers to hire the right talents.



Develop genuine relationships with the

right talents and employers

Career Coaching

Structure the best career path for talents to obtain a highly desirable, customized job

Networking Opportunities

Unique and excellent career opportunities through networking

 Recruitment & Outplacement

Help employers save hiring and redundancy costs

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Services Overview


Instead of only applying to specific jobs on or off market, candidates in our community can also apply to develop relationships with employers they like.

Free/Paid Services Overview:

- Career Coaching & CV Write-ups

- Candidate Profile Promotion & Marketing

- Useful Networking Events & One-on-One Meals/Coffees with Employers

- UK/US/CAD Relocation Consulting

- Internship/Job Shadowing/Freelance Consulting Arrangements


We attract genuine and committed candidates onto our int'l career consultancy through free career advice, impartial job market information, and a strong team of career consultants to support international and local career moves.

Free/Paid Services Overview:

- Local and Int'l Recruitment Consulting

- Candidate & Employee Relationship Management

- Useful Networking Events & One-on-One Meals/Coffees w/ Pre-Screened Candidates

- Internship/Job Shadowing/Freelance Consulting Arrangements

- Outplacement & Redundancy Consulting

Services Overview



“Lifesolvers helped me cultivate strong relationships with HRs and improved my networking skills greatly, allowing me to secure my dream job in fintech”



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