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Welcome to Life-solvers


Making relocation enjoyable and stress-free, whilst offering services that everybody needs at some stage in their lives


Facilitate Cross-border Physical Movements and Cashflow around the world through a one-stop shop service, assisting you in every stage of the relocation process through partnering with our sister brands:

Education Solvers | Career Solvers | Property Solvers

Understand the 5-stages of relocation by clicking the page titled "Relocation Stages"

Understand the professional services our sister brands offer by clicking the page titled "About"

Our Vision

To provide a one-stop shop service for humans to relocate from any country to the UK/US/AUS/CAN  

efficiently and stress-free than ever before

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Equip clients with the knowledge, skills and expertise required to relocate to their dream destination

We assist our clients to relocate individually or with their whole family. We offer services in each of the 5 following areas to equip clients with the necessary skills & qualifications required, before making a visa application or move: 

Education, Career, Property, Professional Training and Emigration​

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Helping clients settle ASAP in their new homes

It can be stressful to start a complete new life.

To help clients settle easier, we offer to:

1. Help them purchase or rent a place on discounted rates

2. Link them up with local people to help them deal with daily hassles to the supermarket and at the same time, make new, local friends!

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Why Our 1k+ Emigration, Education, Career and Property Investment Consultants and Trainers

Vetted & Qualified

Guidance & Inspiration

Each and every one of our consultants have been vetted extensively through CV screenings and one-on-one interviews. We only admit mentors into our team after they have proven themselves to be qualified in their respective fields!

Wide-ranging Connections

Expand Your Networks

Leverage our consultants' extensive personal networks, helping you gather relevant information quickly to relocate with more ease.


Get the Most out of Life

All of our consultants are extremely passionate in assisting and witnessing our clients relocate successfully and happily.


How Can I Relocate?

These are the 4 most usual ways of emigration:

1. Getting an education/degree abroad

2. Getting a job abroad

3. Starting a business abroad

4. Make significant investments into your dream country

To understand how we can help assist you in your emigration dream, go to the page titled "Relocation Stages" at the top to find out how we assist clients in every stage of their relocation.

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

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