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Every one of us encounter the same stages in life - school, marriage, work and retirement. 

Our Mission is to help you make informed decisions in the most important issues in life, including the following areas:


Education, Career, Property, Professional Training and Emigration

Overseas Relocation/Emigration Services

Helping You Emigrate to other Countries of Your Choice

We help our clients emigrate to other countries primarily through two means:

Helping them land an offer from a top Educational Institution abroad OR helping them land a dream job offer abroad

To facilitate this emgiration process, we help customers source for the best property deals, whether its for investment, self-use or rental purposes.

OUR Consultants


Education | Career | Property | Emigration

United States | United Kingdom | Canada | Singapore | Australia | Hong Kong SAR

1. By clicking "Get in Touch", send us an enquiry to find yourself a mentor/consultant in life. Our mentors come from various countries, specializing in education, career, property, emigration.

2. We also offer our own courses and consulting services in the following areas: education, career, emigration and property consulting. 

3. Earn Cash-Backs to pay less in purchasing and renting Property!


Why Our 5k+ Consultants

Vetted & Qualified

Guidance & Inspiration

Each and every one of our mentors have been vetted extensively through CV screenings and one-on-one interviews. We only admit mentors into our team after they have proven themselves to be qualified in their respective fields!

Wide-ranging Connections

Expand Your Networks

Leverage our mentors' extensive personal networks when you sign up to our mentorship programs, helping you solve your life's biggest problems.


Get the Most out of Life

All of our mentors are passionate in mentoring others and seeing others succeed.

Professor Lecturing on Stage

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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