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       We can only live once - so don't waste your life. 

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We provide relevant professional life, education, career, property, financial, health, relocation, business advisors, courses and expertise to support every stage of your life!


Is it necessary to get into an Ivy League School or Oxbridge to become successful in life? NO!



What does Life-solvers (Education) specialise in?

1) Trains students to become independent, critical thinkers, AND

2) provides qualified, professional education consultants/psychologists, who will tailor make an education pathway suited for your exact needs! 


Education Consulting/Advisory | Critical Thinking/Debate/Essay Writing Courses

Tuition | School Search Support | Personal Statement Prep | Interview Prep

Plan ahead your education pathway with our professional education consultants!

Aged 5-11 (Key Stage 1-2)

STAGE 1 - Learn! Have Fun! 
Primary School Education

Thinking of which primary school to get into? Speak to our professional education consultants!

We also provide fun, interactive courses that aim to stimulate and enhance the intellectual capacity of young kids, including:

Phonics | Creative Writing | Oral Development | Quantitative Reasoning | Verbal Reasoning

WE can even provide IQ tests and IQ Challenge Courses for parents who would like to challenge your children!


Don't worry, these courses are still interactive and FUN for your kids, but are simply more challenging!

Aged 11-12 (Key Stage 3)

STAGE 2 - Critical Thinkers
Junior Secondary Education

It is so important to become a critical thinker in this day and age - we train students to become independent, logical thinkers who are thirsty for knowledge and the truth! 

Courses Include:

Academic Writing | Debating/Critical Thinking | Verbal/ Quant. Reasoning | Presentation Skills | Science/IT Reasoning

Aged 13-15 (GCSE/Key Stage 4)

STAGE 3 - Plan Ahead
Initial Academic/Career/
Financial Planning

WE don't want you to regret -


Whether you like it or not, your GCSE grades can significantly impact your future career - speak to our education consultants to have a good idea of what various academic (incl. IB or A-level systems) /career paths look like, so that you don't miss out!

We know that it is also good for you to start learning about money, investment and entrepreneurship - not everything is about academic grades! 

We also offer GCSE tuition & STEM courses for ambitious students, enhancing your competitive advantage!

Courses Include:

Science/IT/Verbal/Quant. Reasoning | Presentation Skills |

Debating/Critical Thinking | Money Management |

Entrepreneurship & Investment Strategies

Aged 16-17 (A-level/IB)

STAGE 4 - Career Planning
A-level/IB Training
STEM vs Humanities vs Arts
Work vs Entrepreneurship

This is a critical stage you are in - it's more than just about choosing which university to go to. Your grades and choices actually can affect what career path you will take. 

THERE ARE 3 MAIN PATHS you can pick:

1) STEM 2) Humanities 3) Arts -- You might also want to start a side business!


Speak to somebody like us who have advised 1k+ students about their education/career pathways!

Aged 18-24 (Undergrad/Postgrad)

STAGE 5 - Academia? Work?
Start a Business?

Undergrad/Postgrad Training
Entrepreneurship Training

Struggling to think of furthering your studies to postgrad level, or to finally start working or even a business? It is very useful to speak to someone who has been through what you are going through! (i.e Our education/career consultants!)

We also offer tailor-made courses to improve your academic writing, helping you reach the level needed to succeed as an undergraduate student!

Courses Include:

Academic Writing | Dissertation Writing | Tuition | Postgrad Exam Prep | Statistics Training | Entrepreneurship Training | Postgrad/Job Interview Prep | Critical Reasoning | Career Prep



Should I get a job or should I start a business?

Should I seek professional help if I'm feeling stressed and/or to deal with my finances/investments?

How can I equip myself to further my career/business?


Life-solvers has separate brands, each specialising in Career, Finance, Property, Entrepreneurship and Mental Health consultation, where we have qualified consultants and experts to deliver tailor-made courses, give you impartial advice and professional help!


Our Services - An Overview

(the following lists are by no means exhaustive | *Our financial services are delivered by our qualified, trusted partners) 

Career Services: Job Search | Networking | CV/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Crafting | Prof. Exam Prep

Business Services: Business Consultation | Networking | Business Set-up tools | Entrepreneurship Courses

Financial Services*: Investment/Financial Consultation | Accounting | Tax Reports | Crypto Advisory

Property Services #1: Sourcing | Investment Advisory | Buy to Lets (Off-plans/1st/2nd hands) | HMOs

Property Services #2 (delivered by our qualified partners): Lettings | Management | Refurbishments | Mortgage

Mental Health Services: Therapy | Social Work/Counselling | Life Coaching

Fresh Grads/Entry Level Professionals

STAGE 6 - 
Initial Career Planning

Still struggling to find a job, or even start a career? It is a good time to speak with our career consultants and/or business consultants to figure out your pathway ahead

It is also a great time to start planning ahead on your finances, investments and to equip yourself with skillsets necessary to perform well at your chosen career path.


If you are feeling stressed, feel free to speak with our  counsellors and therapists as well!

Mid-Senior Level Professionals

Further Career/Life Planning

This is a stage where you have to start planning for a further career progression, switch careers or even retirement.

We are here to further equip your knowledge and skillsets required to take your career to the next level, or if you wish to switch careers or even start a business, we have the experts and connections to guide you through!

Say if  you are planning for retirement, have a mortgage or would like to sharpen up your investment skills, chat with our financial/property consultants, crypto experts and many more!


Progressing up the career ladder comes with its added pressures - our counsellors are always here for you! 


Life after retirement could be very exciting, but there could also be a lot more alone time. 

If you wish to speak to somebody, our counsellors and life coaches are here with you!