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Relocation Services

Scroll down to find out what services we offer during each of the 5 stages of relocation!

Relocation Stage 1: Information Gathering


We understand that it is a big decision to relocate abroad.

Our emigration consultants are happy to have a chat with you first about your aspirations and underlying motivations to move abroad, advising you about the 4 most usual ways of emigration:

1. Getting an education/degree abroad

2. Getting a job abroad

3. Starting a business abroad

4. Make significant investments into your dream country

as well as what services we can offer to help you emigrate through your chosen ways.

Relocation Stage 2: Preparation

Equip Your Knowledge, Get the Necessary Qualifications

No matter what way you choose to emigrate, there are many requirements to satisfy before your emigration application is successful.

To equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed, we offer the following services:

1. Education Consulting

2. Career Consulting

3. Professional Training Courses & Exams

4. Property Investment and Consulting

We have different brands operating under Life-solvers, each specialising in a different area. Scroll through the website understand what exactly we offer.

Relocation Stage 3: Visas, Travel, Arrival

Get your Visa, Travel & Land Efficiently, Effortlessly and Smoothly

We know that it is often a stressful process when you apply for travel visas and when you finally, have to make the move.

We help you deal with all logistics related to visa applications & processing, travelling and arrival.

Relocation Stage 4: After You Land

Get Your Groceries and Place of Living Sorted

We know that it is often exhausting after all the travelling.

To make sure that you can arrive and settle at your new home quickly, we help you:

purchase an apartment/house well in advance before your arrival and make sure that you can arrive at your new home ASAP from the airport.

On request, we can find somebody to help do all the groceries for you as well!

Relocation Stage 5: Settling Down

Venture out and start knowing new friends

We know that feelings of isolation and depression are prominent when you arrive at a completely new country 

On request, we can arrange you local guides, companions and buddies to help you settle in your new country ASAP!

If feelings of depression continue, don't worry, we can find you a psychologist to help you sort out your feelings!


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