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Demo Your AI/Tech Product at our AI Events!

We provide the best platform for AI/tech businesses looking to demo their products in front of a relevant audience of senior business decision makers - we have spent years building a large network of decision makers interested in the latest AI products & business use cases!

By demo-ing your product at our event, our attendees can become advocates of your product in their networks, enhancing awareness of your brand. 


It can be a hit and miss setting up a small booth in a large AI summit, relying on luck to have the relevant decision makers approach you.

By demo-ing your AI/tech product or even sponsoring our small group AI events, where 20-50 corporate decision makers from a particular industry convene to learn about the latest AI technology, you don't have to rely on luck to sell to relevant corporate decision makers, not to mention more affordable sponsorship prices and more precise ROI calculations due to the smaller scale nature of these events!


Strong Social Presence

AIUDB has a niche focus on hosting AI events. With a dedicated team of social media experts and AI brand building consultants, you can build your brand presence centred on AI much easier, not to mention our high visibility to corporate decision makers on social media platforms like Linkedin!


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AI Networking Event London - UK 04/24


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