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Why We Started An AI Small Group

We have spoken to 250+ decision makers - 90% of them are unsure of how to invest in AI, what AI capabilities are & how employees will react to the integration of AI into workplaces.

That is why we have created a safe and transparent space for HRs/business decision makers to share their concerns about AI, explore what other companies are doing with AI, and learn about AI capabilities collectively as a small group with AI leaders, including AI/Software Firms business owners, Machine Learning consultants, AI/tech academic researchers, AI/tech engineers etc.

What's In it For You to Speak In Front of Our Small Groups

You might be speaking in front of the CHRO of Panasonic or CMO of Vodafone Business !

Understand AI Market Demand

Group participants, including senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, will share their latest take, concerns and challenges of AI - you can better understand market demand for your AI product and the changes you may need to make

Build Relationships with Top Execs.

You will meet a lot of AI/tech-minded business decision makers, including HRs and marketers through our speaking opportunities

Build up your Sales Pipeline

You can build up your sales pipeline by building and maintaining long-term relationships with key business decision makers, and expanding your network through conversations with them

Enhanced Personal & Corporate Brand Awareness

You can share about your interactions online with important business execs. online, building up solid personal and company brand awareness!

How it Works.
Our Value Add.

With a large number of AI/tech/business leaders in our network, we invite them to share about the latest AI/tech trends/capabilities, and use cases of AI/tech in HR. 

HR/business execs. are divided into small groups of 20-40 based on interest, and will usually meet up once in every 1-2 months virtually/physically to exchange information with and learn from these AI/tech/business leaders in the form of small group discussions, fireside chats, Q&As and networking events.

Our Ultimate Goal: 
By encouraging frank dialogue amongst HR/business/AI/tech leaders about the possible use cases and challenges in AI, we help companies and employees get comfortable in AI.


This in turn helps companies roll-out AI correctly and in a non-harmful way, ultimately enhancing meaningful productivity and purpose in the workplace.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Business Execs.


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Our Network Reach

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The Meaningful Jobs Podcast

Our Podcast aims to stimulate HRs, business owners/executives & talents to reflect on the meaning of work aside from money & what it means to be more productive



“The AI, HR and Business connections I were able to made was phenomenal, not to mention the usefulness of the AI knowledge I learnt through the networking sessions!”


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AI for HR & Business Executives (AIHRB)

The Meaningful Jobs Podcast

Head Office:

Hurlock Heights, 4 Deacon Street, London, SE17 1GF

(whatsapp) +44 (0)771 251 3081

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