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Life-solvers (Business) in partnership with "East Meets West Negotiations" Blog, have been collectively developing professional videos/ articles aimed at enhancing the public's negotiation skills.

Armed with our negotiation skills, get ready to 10x your profits and reduce costs by 10x!

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Are you an accountant, surveyor, or another professional but is tired of working for somebody else?

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For Successful Applicants, We Will Provide The Following to Help Kickstart & Grow Their Own Consultancy Firm:

Initial Clients/Leads | Sales, Marketing, HR, Admin and Customer Service Support Professionals

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Law Consultation

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Professions We Support
We offer consultants for hire in 7 major life areas, including:
Education | Career | Property | Mental Health | Finance | Business | Relocation
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Surveyor Engineer
Doctor's Clinic
Female Accountant
Handing Over Keys
Business representative

       Surveyors          Counsellors/Therapists         Accountants             Sourcing Agents           Mortgage Brokers

Financial Advisor
Job Interview
Writing on the Board
Insurance Consultation
Blue-collar worker

Financial Advisors        Career Consultants               Tutors                  Other Consultants        Blue Collar Workers 

Exclusive Services
(For Medium & Large Enterprises)

To help medium & large enterprises further increase revenue, profit margins and productivity, whilst reducing labour costs, Life-solvers (Business) provides 3 flagship services:

1. Negotiation Consulting & Training

2. Business Consulting

3. HR & Recruitment Consulting 


Exclusive Services
(For Startups/Aspiring Entrepreneurs)

To help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart, scale and grow their businesses, Life-solvers (Business) has 4 main services:

1. Startup Mentorship & Consulting Services

2. Business Plan Crafting & Pitching Services

3. Startup Recruitment Services (IT, Sales, Admin, HR, Finance, Accounting Recruitment)

4. Financing & Funding Services

5. Incubator and Accelerator Programs

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Life-solvers (Business) is a brand operating under The Life-solvers Group Limited.

Life-solvers (Business) provides businesses/individuals with 3 essential services needed to grow and scale a business. These 3 services are:

Negotiation Consulting & Training | Business Consulting |

HR & Recruitment Consulting

(For Startups Only) In addition, to help businesses grow, we also host:

1. Regular business related seminars

2. Courses & Mentorship programs

3. Business Networking Events

 4. Incubator/Accelerator Programs

5. Startup Competitions

6. Business Funding Initiatives

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Startup Accelarator Programs/Competitions
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Business Meeting

East Meets West Negotiation BLog

Life-solvers (Business), in partnership with Chief Editor and Executive MR. Adrian Au, operates a business blog called "East Meets West Negotiation"

This blog integrates business, HR & negotiation practices from the east & west useful for growing your business.

Read our blog to receive inspiration in growing your business through cutting edge negotiation, business & HR techniques!

Latest Business Events
Startup Accelarator Programs/Competitions
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Business Mentor

Good advice is rarely free.


Our 50+ business mentors come from 15+ major industries, including Finance, IT, F&B etc., and have the connections and experience needed to grow businesses from scratch.

Aside from closely mentoring you 1 to 1, we even have the best sales teams, customer support, product development teams and many more to support your business endeavours!

Remember - it's always easier to grow a business with a supportive team, NOT by yourself

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Giving a Presentation

Find Investors

Maybe your business is beginning to gain traction, maybe your business is only just starting, or maybe, you just have an idea.

If you need funding, don't worry, we have professional angel investors to help grow your business.


Simply contact our team and we will let you know the next steps!

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Business Conference

Expand your business networks & contacts by participating in Life-solvers' Business Events!

Business Events

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Networking Events

Investor Networks

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Startup Competitions

Startup Service Aims

We aim to link you up with our trusted, qualified business mentors, sales and customer support teams, as well as our industry experts and professional investors to help you start, scale and turn your business into a worldwide success.

However, we only work selectively with aspiring, hardworking entrepreneurs. We have the connections and expertise to help you out, yet without the drive and business acumen, we might have to turn you down.


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Life-solvers (Business) has connections with over 500+ investors, business mentors and consultants.


Our Incubator Programs include professional guidance on:

- Product/Service/Business Idea Formulation

- Business Model Formulation & Financial Forecasts

- Funding/Investor Liaison 

- Presentation/Communication Skills

- Talent Recruitment & Management

- Legal and Admin Support

Our Accelerator Programs include professional guidance on:

- Growth and Scaling Tools

- Profitability Estimates and Growth

- Industry Knowledge & Connections

- Business Modelling & Revenue Enhancements

- Funding & Expansion



Angel Investor and Mentor

I have invested in over 50+ businesses and mentored over 20+ business founders, creating over USD10m in revenue as a result of my endeavours.

I love the challenge that I face when mentoring struggling businesses and joy of turning them around is why I am still a business mentor.

Learn more about our investors/ mentors by speaking to our staff!

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Fintech Expert & Pitch-deck Writer 

I am the go to person for over 1k+ families and businesses to keep their books and manage their taxes!

I am also an experienced crypto and blockchain investor, giving my clients up-to-date investment tips and crypto regulatory information!

Learn more about our accountants and crypto mentors/investors by speaking to our staff!

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“Thanks to Life-solvers, I got my first investor into my startup and found a great mentor to help expand my business. I have now over 30+ employees and without Life-solvers' investors and mentors, I would not have made it this far.