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Life-solvers Exclusive Off-Market Jobs Network (UK) 
(IT, Finance, Pharma/Health, Marketing, HR etc.) 

Get Hired 1-5 Years in Advance by Top Firms | ​70-80% of Jobs Are Unadvertised | Expose yourself to 500+ top organizations


 Have a meal, connect & network casually with 1k+ C-level executives & HRs at top companies by joining our off-market jobs network!

Get noticed by the hidden job market ASAP!

Thanks for submitting! You will gain assess to 5k+ off-market jobs, 1k+ top executives/HRs, 500+ top organizations soon!

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What You Will Get Out of Joining 

  • 1k+ Off-market Job Opportunities

  • Exclusive Off-market Interview Opportunities

  • Exclusive coffee chats & meals with top executives from 500+ organizations

  • Exclusive coffee chats & meals with top HRs from 500+ organizations

  • Exclusive 1-to-1 and Group Networking Opportunities with top executives/HRs

  • Recruitment & Career Fairs

  • Assessment Centres & Bootcamps

  • Industry Trends & Analysis

  • Career Seminars

  • Professional Training Initiatives & Seminars

  • Exclusive Newsletter

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Exclusive Off-Market Job Opportunities Network (UK)

Benefit For Job Seekers

Socialize directly with top company executives and HRs to land yourself an unadvertised top-level job!

Do you wish to connect with Microsoft and Tesla's C-level executives? Do you wish for top organizations to directly invite you for a job? Are you ambitious enough to take your career to the next level?

If you work in the IT, Finance, Pharma/Health, Marketing sector, join our career network to socialize directly with important c-level executives and senior HRs over meals, networking events and seminars.

According to research, by exposing yourself to important executives and HRs, your chances of getting a top-level job that is unadvertised will improve by 1000%!

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Business Conference

Exclusive Off-Market Job Opportunities Network (UK)

Benefit For Employers

Cut hiring costs by 50-90% by leveraging our free network to establish close relationships with vetted top talents!

Do you find it time consuming and expensive to attract and retain top talent, let alone the right one? Do you wish to cut down hiring costs by 50-90% whilst maintaining a positive brand image?

According to research, to attract and retain top talent nowadays, you can't simply post a job ad or ask for referrals.


You need to actually develop close, personal relationships with talents well before they start looking for a new job, since they are spoilt by choices.

We do NOT charge employers to leverage our talent networks to organize socials, seminars and even meals with our help! 

In essence, we facilitate the relationship building process between employers and top talents! Join our career networks now!

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