Startup Incubator/
Mentorship Programs

Are you planning to start your own startup? Are you at a stage where you need to scale your startup?

Join our startup incubator for expert business support or accelerator mentorship programs, where we have experienced entrepreneurs mentoring you to success!


Depending on the mentee's  interests and needs, the mentorship scope typically includes:

1. Startup Essentials

2. Growth and Scaling

3. Market Sentiment & Timing

4. Business and Financial Models

5.  Sales & Accounting

6. Financing

7. Monetization

7. Failure Handling

8. Direction & Motivation

9. Leverage & Borrowing

10. Automation & Tech Leveraging

11. Industry Specific Knowledge

12. Marketing & PR

13. Financial Statements & Cashflow

14. HR & Recruitment Strategies

15. Operational Streamlining

16. Business Negotiations

17. Exit Strategies

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There are many ways to invest in startups, but the hardest bit is finding startups that are worth investing.

This mentorship program helps mentees develop a close network of VCs and startup founders, as well as develop the mentees' business acumen, ultimately enabling them to spot startups worth investing in.

Mentorship Scope:

1. Network Building with Startup Founders and Management Teams

2. Network Building with VCs

3. Startup Investment Strategies

4. Risk Management

5. Financial Statement Analysis

6. Cashflow Analysis

7. Leverage and Debt

8. Startup Psychology


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Angel Investor and Mentor

I have invested in over 50+ businesses and mentored over 20+ business founders, creating over USD10m in revenue as a result of my endeavours.

I love the challenge that I face when mentoring struggling businesses and joy of turning them around is why I am still a business mentor.

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Fintech Expert & Pitch-deck Writer 

I am the go to person for over 1k+ families and businesses to keep their books and manage their taxes!

I am also an experienced crypto and blockchain investor, giving my clients up-to-date investment tips and crypto regulatory information!

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