Crypto/Blockchain Investing Mentorship Programs

Suitable for beginners and advanced investors alike, we offer tailor made crypto/blockchain mentorship programs (incl. Decentralized Finance/NFTs/Virtual Lands/

Stablecoins), allowing you to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the huge crypto market.


Depending on the mentee's  interests and needs, the mentorship scope typically includes:

1. Investment Principles

2. Investment Strategies & Risk

3. Blockchain Technology & Use Cases

4. Bitcoin/Ethereum Trading

5.  Altcoins Trading

6.  Technical Analysis & Options Strategies

7. Stablecoins Investment

8. Decentralized Finance

9. Yield Farming

10. NFTs Investments

11. Blockchain Startups Investing

12. Metaverse & Virtual Land 

13. Decentralization

Scattered Coins

Blockchain/Crypto COURSES 

Get a recognised blockchain certification for selected courses after successful completion -

useful for getting into the blockchain/crypto sector!


Our blockchain/crypto courses are administered in both one-to-one and group settings.

Our blockchain/crypto courses aim at equipping you with the most up to date blockchain, crypto knowledge and concepts, such as decentralise finance, stable-coin investing and yield farming, so that you can make the best crypto investment decisions yourself.

These courses also prepare those of you who wish to enter the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry, whether as a coder, developer, sales or investment consultants. 

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Except for blockchain alliance certified courses, ALL of our blockchain/crypto courses offer a trial class for individual learners - this gives you the opportunity to understand our teaching styles and materials at a lower cost, before committing to a longer course package!

Male Gamer
Gradient Background

Executive Cryptocurrency/NFT Mentor -


Having started trading bitcoin in 2011, I achieved financial freedom in Bitcoin's 2017 bull-run.

I have since diverged into investing in other crypto related instruments, including NFTs, Stablecoins, Decentralized Finance and Virtual Lands.

I have great confidence in my ability to spot crypto trends, which I will teach to my mentees.

Professional Woman
Gradient Background


Venture Capital

Senior Consultant -


I have advised in over 100+ VC investments and deals with crypto/blockchain startups.

I can tell from personal experience that there is a huge growth potential in this area, yet it is not easy to spot great investment deals.

I take on mentees occasionally to develop their business nous in spotting crypto/blockchain startups deals and trends.