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Our 50+ business mentors come from 15+ major industries, including Finance, IT, F&B etc., and have the connections and experience needed to grow businesses from scratch.

Aside from closely mentoring you 1 to 1, we even have the best sales teams, customer support, product development teams and many more to support your business endeavours!

Remember - it's always easier to grow a business with a supportive team, NOT by yourself

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Maybe your business is beginning to gain traction, maybe your business is only just starting, or maybe, you just have an idea.

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Life-solvers (Entrepreneurship) aims to link you up with our trusted, qualified business mentors, sales and customer support teams, as well as our industry experts and professional investors to help you start, scale and turn your business into a worldwide success.

However, we only work selectively with aspiring, hardworking entrepreneurs. We have the connections and expertise to help you out, yet without the drive and business acumen, we might have to turn you down.

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Angel Investor and Mentor

I have invested in over 50+ businesses and mentored over 20+ business founders, creating over USD10m in revenue as a result of my endeavours.

I love the challenge that I face when mentoring struggling businesses and joy of turning them around is why I am still a business mentor.

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Fintech Expert & Pitch-deck Writer 

I am the go to person for over 1k+ families and businesses to keep their books and manage their taxes!

I am also an experienced crypto and blockchain investor, giving my clients up-to-date investment tips and crypto regulatory information!

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“Thanks to Life-solvers, I got my first investor into my startup and found a great mentor to help expand my business. I have now over 30+ employees and without Life-solvers' investors and mentors, I would not have made it this far.