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Admissions & Education Consultants

Hire an admissions/ education consultant to guide your child into choosing the right subjects and right institutions for them.

Don't allow your child to regret his/her academic decisions!

Career Internship Consultant

If you are a high school or undergrad/postgrad student, consider hiring our career consultants to help you land prestigious internship and placement opportunities.

More importantly, you will be able to plan out the dream career path for yourself! 

Education  Tutors

Wanna improve on your academic grades?

Hire our qualified tutors who are passionate in seeing their students' academic success! 

Soft Skills
Education Mentors

A straight A student means nothing if he/she have poor soft skills.

Hire our education mentors who are experienced in training students' reasoning, critical thinking, presentation, debating and writing skills!

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Are you an ambitious undergraduate/postgraduate who would like to fast track your career?

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Tutor and Student

OUR Mission

Reflecting on our founder Adrian's academic and career pathway, he wished he had more guidance in planning which subjects and institutions to study in and what internships to apply for. He also wished to have received more soft-skills related education training aside from academic tutoring, such as presentation, debating and critical thinking skills.


Our Solution:

 Partnering up with 100+ admissions/education consultants, prestigious placement & internship program providers, mentors & top tutors, we offer tailor-made education training + mentorship programs (for students aged 6-22) designed to plan out the student's education pathway, develop important skills not taught sufficiently in schools such as writing, presentation and reasoning skills, as well as enhance the student's academic ability through education consultants invested in the student's success.

For elder students, we provide career consultants and internship programs to plan out their career pathway and help them land top roles in the world.

Education Mentorship Program



We don’t want you to regret making big choices in life when you aren’t mature enough - TALK to our education mentors who provide great, tailor made advice about how you should plan your future academic/career path!

Scroll Below to understand our 

Our courses are suitable for primary school students to post-grad students


Our Education Mentors will not only help you succeed on your academic studies, but will help your development on other out-of-the-syllabus areas equally important for long term academic success, including soft skills, logical/critical thinking skills, essay writing skills and much more!

Discover our courses below, all designed based on the UK, US, CAD and IB academic syllabus.


Education Advisory


- Assessment by education consultants

- Profile Analysis of Student

- In-depth Introduction of Various Education Systems

- Academic ability tests for the Student 


Student Portfolio Analysis


- Assessment by accredited education psychologists

- Academic/Non-academic ability tests for the student

- In-depth portfolio analysis of the student's academic ability, strengths and weaknesses

- Psychological/psychometric testing 

- Recommended academic measures for the student


School Search Advisory


- Assessment by education consultants

- Profile Analysis of Student

- In-depth Introduction of Various Education Systems

- Academic ability tests for the Student 

- School search advisory

- Search and selection of suitable schools for the student

Services/Mentorship Programs

Looking to find out more about how the UK/US/CAD/AUS and IB education system works abroad? 

Looking for a suitable course for your child to fulfil his/her academic potential?

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Speak with our education consultants and accredited education psychologists to assess your child's academic ability

Receive first-class consultation from our education consultants (incl. Graduates from Oxbridge and Ivy League schools)

Receive support through the entire admissions process


Critical Thinking


Become a Critical and

Impartial Thinker 


We don't want to create book-smart students. We want to transform students into critical and objective thinkers.


To do so, we create fun, non-academic, out-of-the-classroom courses, including areas such as:

Logical Thinking

Essay Writing | Public Speaking | Presentation | Interview Prep | Entrance Exam Prep | Personal Statement Crafting | CV Crafting |

Reasoning/Personality Assessment

Don't put your child's academic talent and intelligence to waste - contact our education psychologists to check out if your child is gifted.

In our view, gifted children (or close to being gifted) should be taught in a different style, since their needs are often different from the "normal" population.

As a result, we provide more advanced academic mentorship programs for "high-flyers". Contact us for more information.

ALSO, we provide personality and reasoning assessments for children. Contact us for more info.

Self-made Critical Thinking Courses

Suitable for primary, secondary, undergrad, postgrad students

Getting top grades is not as important as excelling in areas important for lifelong success.

Young Consultant
Gradient Background

Premier Education Consultant -


I am responsible for developing Life-solvers' critical thinking education mentorship and high flyer mentorship programs.


I take pride in my ability to connect with students. I am a strong believer in critical thinking - pushing students to think from different perspectives instead of giving them an answer directly.

I specialize in teaching Science and Maths - contact Life-solvers to know more!

Smiling Mature Woman
Gradient Background

Premier Education Psychologist -


I have more than 15 years of experience as an education psychologist.

I offer professional IQ, personalty and reasoning testing services.


Contact US to find out more!

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