Property Investment
Mentorship Programs

Get education support for the property sector. Suitable for property investors of all ages, we offer tailor made property investment mentorship programs to enhance your ability to spot and identify the best property investment opportunities around the world.


Depending on the mentee's  interests and needs, the mentorship scope typically includes:

1. Property Trends

2. Analysis of Potential Growth

3. Market Sentiment & Timing

4. Property Portfolio Management

5.  New Development Updates

6. Property Investment Financial Calculations & Indicators

7. Yield & Interest Growth

8. Leverage & Borrowing

9. Mortgages

10. Lettings

11. Sourcing & Property Viewings

12. HMOs

13. On-market & Off-market Opportunities

14. Lease Options/Rent-to-Rent

15. Profiting Strategies

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Mortgage & Leverage Usage


The only way to become hugely profitable in property, in the long run, is through the appropriate use of leverage.

This mentorship program helps mentees develop a close network of lenders and mortgage brokers, so that mentees can borrow money using low interest rates.

This program will also give mentees the mathematical tools to make accurate leverage-related calculations, allowing them to control risk and reward ratios appropriately to profit from and avoid lossess leverage

Mentorship Scope:

1. Network Building with Lenders

2. Network Building with Mortgage Brokers

3. Network Building with Developers

4. Secure Financing

5. The Concept of Leverage

6. When and When Not to Use Leverage

7. Appropriate Usage of Leverage - Case Studies

8. The Nature of Mortgages

9. Risk/Reward Calculations

10. Remortgages


Our property courses are administered in both one-to-one and group settings.

Our property courses aim at equipping you with the necessary skills to expand your UK property portfolio, invest in UK property successfully and earning passive income in no time at all.




ALL of our property courses offer a trial class for individual learners - this gives you the opportunity to understand our teaching styles and materials at a lower cost, before committing to a longer course package!

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Property Investment Mentor -


Having worked in property startups, property tech and real estate funds for more than 15 years, I have become an accomplished property investor with a huge property network of developers, mortgage brokers, landlords and organizations.

I enjoy mentoring people passionate in property investment and serious in making money.


I have helped mentees achieve on average, a 50% ROI in 3 years in property investment!

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Executive Mortgage Broker -


With more than 20 years of experience as a mortgage broker, I was selected as one of the top financial professionals by the Times.

My vast array of connections with lenders, bankers and directors have allowed me to shop for the cheapest mortgage rates for my clients, especially for those with a portfolio of properties.

Contact me for mortgage advice, mentorship and training!