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The Life-solvers Group
Global Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding Consultancy

Attract 10x more job applications by embedding audio or podcasts into job ads, AND producing engaging content

Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding Meeting

Free Tailor-Made
Audio for Your Job Ad

Request a free audio tailor-made for your job vacancies - this allows us to demonstrate how we use audio to enhance the value proposition of your brand/job openings, attracting more applications to your job ads from quality candidates.

Free Recruitment Podcast/Video Marketing/Digital Campaign Consultation

Our 100+ producers, editors, writers and HR & marketing consultants are experienced in creating engaging & creative podcasts/videos with top employers to boost employer brand and increase the number of quality applicants to job openings.

We also run tailor-made recruitment digital social media campaigns to enhance employer branding and attract the right candidates efficiently.

Free Recruitment Radio Ad

Audio ads are often overlooked as a major channel to attract applicants. We have great relationships with radio stations and we offer new companies to produce a free, tailor-made radio ad to help them market their brand to the right candidates.

Free Recruitment Written Content

Our team of writers are specialized in producing recruitment marketing content such as written job-ads, blogs, articles, social media posts, e-books, white papers and video scripts to help employers better connect with prospective candidates.

We offer employers to write a FREE tailor-made blogpost, article, video/podcast script, or a written job ad to showcase our expertise in attracting candidates through engaging content!

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Request a free tailor-made recruitment radio ad/audio/blogpost/candidate landing page for your job vacancies OR 

a free recruitment podcast/video/digital campaign consultation OR a recruitment strategy proposal

Thanks for submitting!

Sample Podcast - Revolut


Working for Revolut - Fintech Startup Aiming to Eradicate the Stress Around Talking About Money

We made this podcast for Revolut to help attract more quality job applications by emphasizing on the meaningful missions they are embarking on as a startup

Sample Audio - Revolut


We made this audio for Revolut that complements to one of its sales job vacancies - audios with a great, convincing voice can help your company's vacancies stand out.

Sample Radio Ad


We made this sample radio ad for Revolut, giving them an extra, often overlooked channel to attract the right candidates.

Our Ethos

Attract The Right Passive Talent through Value Alignment

We attract the right active and passive candidates, as well as help them stay committed to their new employers through unique employer branding campaigns, which serve to help candidates understand the meaning of their work aside from monetary rewards, and the positive impact their work has on society.

By encouraging reflections and discussions on the higher purpose of work through our campaigns, we can align the right employers and candidates with similar value systems.

What Most Employers Get Wrong About Employer Branding

Wrong Focus

Many employers have the wrong focus in the hope of attracting and retaining better talent, such as simply highlighting perks like Work From Home arrangements or gym discounts, or improving one’s career page. To retain talent long term, we address the root of the problem - Value Misalignment.

Our Employer Branding campaigns test and track candidate conversions through varying the emphasis of an employer brand across different sets of employer values and missions, allowing us to identify messaging that resonates with the most candidates. This in turn enables us to identify the best fit that matches candidates and employers of similar values.

Free Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding Resources

Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding HR Strategy Consultation

Recruitment Marketing Strategy Template


Click and view our sample recruitment marketing strategy template that we use to help clients develop and implement recruitment campaigns. We divide strategies into short-term and long-term recruitment goals to attract the best talents using the lowest cost possible.

Recruitment Blog - Salesforce


We made this sample blog on salesforce to help attract candidates by presenting salesforce as an innovative working space. We also introduced Salesforce's mission & CRM products to captivate prospective candidates' interest.

Candidate Landing Page


To drive traffic to your careers page and actually have candidates apply to your jobs, you must treat candidates as your prospective clients and "sell" them your jobs.

We have attached a free sample code for you to get started on creating a good landing page!

Sample Job Ad - Revolut

(Casual + Professional Tone)


Traditional job ads won't make the cut anymore - do employers actually expect candidates to go through each bullet point word by word?

To speak to the candidate's heart, job ads must explain the employee value proposition clearly. Our job ads are written in a slightly more casual way yet still retaining a professional tone, explaining the mission of the company in a pulsating way that captivates the candidate's attention.

Our Employer Branding Services

What is your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)? With candidates having an increasing number of employment choices, companies have to invest in long-term recruitment strategies by showcasing a clear EVP to targeted candidates.


Our HR and recruitment marketing consultants, voice-over artists, writers and producers work alongside employers to produce recruitment-related audios, podcasts, videos, digital & social media campaigns to highlight their EVPs, enhance employer branding, with a goal to attract more job applications from quality candidates.


Our producers & voice-over artists produce quality audio tracks that can be easily embedded onto job ads or you company's careers page in an HTML format.

If needed, our team of writers will also produce a professional script that accurately reflect your job opening's value proposition and engage with the right audience.

Recruitment Podcast

Our writers and interviewers are experienced at creating engaging interviews with employers for candidates looking for meaningful work.

We will work alongside employers and HRs to prepare a thorough run-down before each podcast to make sure both employers and candidates can get as much value as possible out of candid conversations.

Recruitment Video

Our animation and production team are experienced at creating engaging videos for candidates that best showcase  the meaningfulness of working for our clients (i.e. employers), working environment and brand value of employers.

For a lower budget production, we recommend to opt for a simple animation or merging together clips of royalty-free videos. For a higher budget production, we recommend including snippets of employee interviews, real working environments and behind-the- scenes operations.

Recruitment Radio & Video Ads

Recruitment Social Media & Digital Content Campaigns

Recruitment Written Content Marketing Campaigns

Recruitment Influencer Campaigns

Employer Photographer Services

Interactive Job Ad Writing Services

Companies work with us to promote their brand and job vacancies to the right audiences through tailor-made radio ads and video ads to be placed on various social media channels.

Radio ads in particular are often overlooked by companies as a useful channel to attract extra candidates - a great, soothing, convincing voice can do wonders in building trust with candidates.

We can manage your recruitment campaigns digitally through social media, online ads, interactive posts and organize virtual events to get your brand out to a larger candidate base.

Companies often do not put enough resources in long-term recruitment strategies to fill vacancies. Having a long-term strategy to build up a long-term talent pipeline is crucial in reducing recruitment costs and attracting the right candidates.

To attract high quality candidates, companies should not simply post a static job advert but rather, consistently produce engaging content to establish meaningful relationships with top candidates.

Our team of marketing consultants, HR consultants and writers are experienced in producing engaging content through various mediums, such as:

Articles & Blogposts that are SEO-friendly | White Papers & E-books

Webinars, Videos & Podcast Scripts | Interactive Quizzes | Job Ads etc.

Recruitment influencer marketing is a new trend for companies to reach out to targeted candidates en-masse.

We have a huge network of 500+ influencers including bloggers and social media personalities who can promote an employer's brand tactically and creatively to attract more applicants to an employer's vacancies.

Candidates value authenticity. An increasing number of brands are showcasing their office spaces, working environments, employee team-building activities etc. to candidates to convey what their real working environment is like.

Contact our team of professional photographers to showcase the authenticity of your brand to targeted candidates!

Dull and robotic job ads won't make the cut anymore. Speak to our experienced writers to produce interactive and engaging written job ads for your vacancies!

Why use audios in attracting candidates via our services?

Establish Deeper


Candidates are flooded with choices - simply having a written job ad won't establish a deep enough connection.

Humans crave intimate relationships and by using audio, you establish a deeper connection with candidates that makes your job opening far more attractive.

Enhance Persuasiveness & Engagement

Our 20+ voice over artists are carefully selected - we all have deep, smooth and convincing voices that significantly enhances the persuasiveness of your job ad and value proposition of your company.

Candidates are also far more likely to engage with your job ad and brand when audios or podcasts are embedded.

Convey the Meaningfulness of Your Work

Candidates nowadays have a much stronger desire for meaningful work. Audio is a simple, extra channel for candidates to further understand your brand and the meaning behind working for you, increasing the chances of having quality candidates apply to your job openings.

Asian woman having a job interview
“I was extremely impressed with the audio and video production quality - would certainly work with Life-solvers again to produce further recruitment marketing podcasts and videos!”

Top executive

Our Team


Years of Experience


Voice-Over Artists


HR & Recruitment Consultants


Podcast/Video Producers, Writers, Editors, Animators

Meet the Team

Our 100+ HR consultants, voice-over artists, writers, producers, editors and animators produce quality recruitment marketing audios, podcasts and videos working alongside employers that provide meaningful work for talents.



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