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Pitching/Networking Events  Hidden Job Market

Connecting talents with top global employers who care for workers' mental well-being through private networking/pitching events

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Networking Events

We host UK/US/ Canada networking events for employers and top talents.

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Pitching Competitions

Sign up and participate in our pitching competitions where talents can showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to top employers.


Our pitching events usually include a series of problem-solving activities, presentations and innovative proposals where talents can pitch their solutions in resolving business & real-world problems facing employers.

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Sign up to our mentorship networks and programs for free to stimulate your creativity and innovative instincts to take your career to the next level.

We have over 50+ mentors, including HRs, executives & entrepreneurs who can regularly touch base with top talents to help resolve real world problems using creativity and imagination.

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Sign Up to Our Latest Pitching Competition!

1st December 2022


Come up with and pitch to top fintech employers about a solution on how to ensure the data security of users.


For further details, please sign up to join the event - our team will be in touch with you shortly.


Top performers may receive a direct job offer to work for the best fintech employers with a sign-on bonus and generous employment terms.

The winner will receive a cash prize of GBP500 on top.

Joining the hidden job market

Exclusive to top candidates

Most candidates wish to only work for top employers. Similarly, top employers target only the cream of the crop.

To get into our hidden job market networks, try applying to join our free or paid networking events, so that our team and employers can screen your profile first. 

Even if you get rejected, don't feel down about yourself - keep applying or speak to our career team for more advice.

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Partnerships/Companies Our Independent Consultants Worked With In the Past

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How to get
hired in the hidden job market

The first step is to contact our career team so that we can understand more about your profile and career aspirations. We will then try and connect you with the right employer via exclusive one to one or group networking opportunities with top executives/HRs




Contact our careers team and send us your CV


After joining our mailing list, you will receive invitations to apply to join our exclusive networking and pitching events.


If an employer is interested in getting to know you, or if your profile passes the vetting of our careers team, you will receive an invitation to join our networking and pitching events.


Network and cultivate genuine relationships with top employers. Our team offers a range of services to help manage your relationship with top employers.



Connect talents with mentally healthy workplaces

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