Life Coaching Mentorship Programs

Our life coaching mentorship programs (suitable for university graduates and working professionals) aim to ultimately enhance mentee's life satisfaction levels and positive outlook towards life.


Our life coaches will also guide mentees to enhance their stress and relationship management skills, as well as develop a positive yet realistic mindset beneficial for mentees to overcome significant life challenges.


Depending on the mentee's preferred life goals, we will match the mentee with relevant life coaches who possess relatable past experiences and values in life.

Mentorship Scope:

1. Life Goals Mapping & Planning

2. Life Goals Attainment Theories & Applications

3. Stress Management & Root Causes

4. Relationship Management

5. Depression & Anxiety Management

6. Optimism vs Pessimism Root Causes

7. Community & Networking

8. Motivation in Life

9. Emotions Identification

10. Life Satisfaction vs Dissatisfaction Causes

11. Overcoming Obstacles & Challenges

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Our life-coaching programs are administered in both one-to-one and group settings.

Our life-coaching programs can be tailor-made to your liking.


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Senior Life Coach

As a high achiever at work, I wish to pass on my secrets of success and living a self-fulfilling life to others.

My 200+ clients are mainly through referrals and I mentor them to accomplish their life goals, enhancing their feelings of positivity and optimism towards life!

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Qualified Therapist

I have over 15+ years experience as a clinical psychologist. I have created and implemented therapy programs supported by proven academic findings.

People may think that seeing a therapist is embarrassing, but I can assure you that this is perfectly normal - everyone needs support.

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