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We provide a range of life-coaching programs from goal setting, motivational learning to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses to help you attain your life goals and fulfil your purpose in life


Therapy and Counselling

We provide therapy for people who want to improve their state of mind.

We provide 6 different types of therapy:

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

- Humanistic Therapy

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

- Mindfulness Based  Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

- Art Therapy

- Music Therapy




Our accredited clinical and education psychologists can administer clinically approved psychological tests when requested.

The range of psychological tests we can administer include the following areas:


- Cognitive/Intelligence Tests

- Achievement Tests

- Neuropsychological Tests

- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Tests

- Psychological and Emotional Tests

- Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Tests


Our life-coaching programs are administered in both one-to-one and group settings.

Our life-coaching programs can be tailor-made to your liking.


  • Stress and Relationship Management

    This is one of our flagship life coaching courses - through our accredited life coaches, many of our students have experienced significant reductions in stress and a higher quality of life.after attending the full length of our course.

    Program Outline:

    - Academic and practical perspective on stress management & relationship building

    - Analysis on stress management related case studies

    - Analysis on relationship building related case studies

    - An overview of stress management and relationship building techniques 

    - Empathy and different points of view

    - Identification of emotions and inner thoughts and feelings

    Learning outcomes:

    - Acquire techniques and proven methods to reduce stress

    - Acquire techniques and proven methods to build better personal relationships

    - Learn how to better empathise with others

  • Failure Handling

    One could argue we encounter failures every day, but it's how we handle them that counts. This course will teach you how to deal with failures better, as well as how to bounce back quicker from them.

    Program Outline:

    - What is Failure

    - Failure framing and reframing

    - Failure from different points of view

    - Failure handling and discussion 

    - An Overview of Positive Reinforcement 

    - Case studies of failures in life and how they were handled 

    - Self Reflection and Feedback

    Learning outcomes:

    - Acquire techniques and proven methods to cope with failures better

    - Adopt and understand failures from different points of view

    - Learn to reframe failures in a way where they could be transformed into something positive

  • NLP & Goal Setting


    Have you ever thought of achieving more success in life? NLP research have found that appropriate goal setting is the key. This course will give you the tools to set better, more achievable goals through cutting edge NLP techniques, which would lead to more success in your life.

    Program Outline:

    - NLP Fundamentals

    - History of NLP

    - What is Goal Setting

    - Goal Setting from an academic and practical perspective

    - What Anchoring

    - Framing and reframing goals

    - Improving the chances of achieving any set goal

    - Case studies on goal setting 

    Learning outcomes:

    - Understand what NLP is fundamentally

    - Acquire techniques and proven methods to set realistic goals

    - Adopt and understand goal setting from NLP and different points of view

    - Significantly improve on the strike rate of goal attainment

  • NLP Intermediate 

    & Advanced Courses

    NLP Intermediate and Advanced courses will cover the following topics, allowing students to explore their own minds, thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to achieve more success in life.

    Topics will include:

    - Principles for success

    - Presuppositions of NLP and the NLP model

    - Improving sensory activity

    - Mechanisms for Change

    - Phobias and Changing Beliefs

    - Rapport Building

    - Representational Systems

    - Anchoring and Motivational Strategies

    - Language and Linguistic Patterns

    - Human Emotions Deciphering

    - Self Reflection and Improving Quality of Life

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  • Psychotherapy


    Our psychotherapy courses aims to help provide a safe space for you to open up, as well as give you the tools to open up more easily, so as to improve your quality of life.

    Topics will include:

    - Anxiety and Stress

    - Self-reflection and Sharing

    - Relationship Building

    - Fears and Uncertainty

    - Community and Networking

    - Depression

    - Abuse and Violence

    - Mental Disorders and Treatment

    - Psychometric Testing

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    Our premier art and music therapy courses are all tailor-made by accredited art and music therapists for all ages.

    Art and Music Therapy gives people a special way to channel their thoughts and feelings. Benefits include pain alleviation, better stress management, memory enhancement and communication improvements. 

    Topics will include:

    - Art and Drawing

    - Music Composition and Identification

    - Emotional Expressing

    - Identification of Inner Thoughts & feelings

    - Creativity & Imagination

    - Positive Reinforcement Techniques

    - Musical Vibrations and Reasoning

    - Relaxation and Stress Handling

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