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U.S (NYC) Virtual Career Fair Dates: Sept. 3-4th 2024 | UK (England) Virtual Career Fair Dates: Sept. 10-11th 2024






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The Life-solvers Group - Premier Employer Branding Firm

The Meaningful Jobs Career Fair

Unlike traditional career fairs, we segment employers not by industry, but by the purpose and meaning of the work they do for society into 7 "Meaningful Jobs" groups to attract 2 types of qualified candidates:


Group 1 
Facilitate Knowledge Sharing in Society
Group 5 
Stimulate Thinking & Innovation in Society
Group 2 
Build Positive Relationships in Society
Group 3 
Enhance Productivity in Society
Group 4 
Improve Resource Allocation Fairness in Society
Group 6 
Group 7
Improve Social Responsibility
Protect Society from Risks and Dangers

The Meaningful Jobs Podcast

Career Interview -

CMO of Vodafone

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TThe Meaningful Jobs Podcast 
More Career Interviews & Endorsements from Top Brands

Career Interview -

CMO of Citibank

Career Interview -

CMO of Vodafone

Career Interview -

CMO of Vodafone

Classification of 7 Groups

Classification of the 7 Groups

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Our Unique Value 
Proposition (UVP)

Reduce Employee Turnover within 1 year

by 80% - We attract qualified + motivated job seekers that are easily retainable 

Employees can only stay committed to a job if they understand & focus on a higher cause behind their work aside from money.


Employers will retain new hires from our job fairs far more easily than others as we qualify and condition job seekers to focus on a higher societal cause when finding their ideal employer - by grouping employers at our job fairs based on their values and societal contributions, we associate job seekers with employers that best align with their values.

How it Works + Ethos


Our mission is to encourage individuals and employers to place others before themselves, inspiring them to appreciate how their skills and expertise can make a positive difference to the lives of people around them and in society as a whole, instead of simply caring about their own self-interests.

It's our lifelong mission to identify as many candidates and employers as possible that care about positive societal impact through the work they do, and matching them with each other to benefit both parties.

What is Work?

We believe that work is not merely about earning a pay check or climbing the corporate ladder, but it should also be about making a positive impact on society. That's why we host unique career fairs that focus on grouping employers based on the purpose and meaning of the work they do for society.

Our Career Fairs

At our career fairs, we aim to help both employers and employees find a higher purpose in the work they do and reflect on how their work benefits society. The ultimate goal is to help improve the employer-employee relationship, leading to increased talent enhancement rates and a more engaged workforce that finds satisfaction in the work they do for society.

How it Works

Step 1 - Introduction Call

Connect with our team to understand the uniqueness of our career fairs and what's in it for you!

Step 2: Employer Branding Strategy + Consultation

To help employers connect with as many relevant candidates as possible in the job fair, we consult with employers to help them develop an employer brand that explains clearly the work they do to benefit society 

Step 3: Career Fair Planning & Logistics

After helping employers develop a strategy to best position themselves, our team will guide employers through the logistics to plan, prepare and set up properly for the career fair!

How it Works + Ethos

What's In It for You

Join Life-solvers' Career Fairs: Where Positive Impact Meets Passionate Talent

Our unique career fairs focus on matching employers with qualified candidates who share the same values of positively contributing to society and making a meaningful difference, instead of only caring about self-interests.

Talent Retention Strategies

Enhanced Talent Retention

By connecting employers with like-minded employees who value societal impact, a work environment is created that resonates with their passions and beliefs. This alignment fosters a sense of higher purpose and fulfilment, leading to increased talent retention rates.

HR & Recruitment Consultation

Lowered Recruitment Costs

Matching employers with candidates who genuinely care about positive societal change reduces turnover and recruitment costs. The right employees are more likely to stay committed to their roles, leading to greater stability and efficiency within employers.

Work & Corporate Culture

Better Work Culture

When employers and employees are driven by a shared mission of positively contributing to society, a positive and supportive work culture naturally emerges. Employees feel a sense of belonging and purpose, leading to increased job satisfaction and overall happiness at work.

Target Candidates

Target Candidates

We attract purpose-driven candidates to our job fairs - those that do not simply value themselves, but value the positive impact they can have on society through their work.

We have divided our target candidates into 2 groups based on the career stage they are in.

Group 1: 
3 or less years of Work Experience
Group 2: 
3+ Years of Work Experience (Junior/Middle Management)

At Life-solvers' job fairs, we invest heavily in marketing to universities to attract students and graduates who prioritize positive societal impact in their careers.


We aim to connect with individuals who value making a difference and contributing to society, rather than those solely focused on self-interests like personal gains or financial rewards.


Our platform provides opportunities for like-minded candidates to explore roles that align with their passion for creating a meaningful impact.

For job seekers with 3 or more years of experience, we actively reach out to those who seek a career change or a transition to companies that prioritize positive societal impact.


Our job fairs welcome individuals who are dissatisfied with their current roles and are eager to find employers that share their values of making a difference in society.


We strive to connect them with organizations that foster a work culture driven by purpose, where employees can find fulfillment and meaning in their contributions beyond mere profits.

Attract Candidates

How We Attract Candidates
The Meaningful Jobs Career Fair | The Meaningful Jobs Podcast

The Meaningful Jobs Podcast

The Meaningful Jobs Podcast: 

We invite C-suite/VP-Level/Director-grade personnel from top companies, and entrepreneurs, to talk about the meaning of work aside from monetary rewards. 

Our guests include: The CMO of TÜV SÜD & JMMB Bank, Senior Director at Puma etc.

"Meaningful Jobs" Career Workshops with 1000+ Education Institutes:

We have established a network of 1000+ top UK/US education institutes by hosting "Meaningful Jobs" career workshops and talks with qualified students. Aside from simply focusing on career prospects in various industries, we educate students on how to contribute to society through their work and the correct mindset when finding work.

We also send newsletters to our network of education institutes informing them of our career fairs, thereby increasing awareness of our events.

Other Marketing Channels:

We have established connections with Fortune 500 employers, Top UK/US universities (including Ivy League Schools), prominent career newsletters & event listing platforms that allow us to send out targeted marketing campaigns to attract the right employers and candidates to our events!

Career Coaching & Executive Coaching Services:

We work with top c-suite/VP-level executives, directors, managers and fresh graduates alike in terms of how they can best brand and position themselves in the market, as well as develop a tailor-made, structural career plan that is built on the foundation of serving the society the best they can.

We have therefore built a strong community of top candidates who we can invite to join our career fairs!

Employer Branding Services:

We work with employers to develop tailor-made recruitment marketing, employer communication and employer branding strategies that focus on identifying employee value propositions (EVP) through data and positioning employers through the role they play in positively impacting society.

Contact Us

Including Enquiries About Pricing

To understand more about our value-based career fairs to connect likeminded employers + employees that value positive societal impacts, as well as other related issues such as pricing, please contact our team!

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A Selection of Featured Employers on Our Podcast & Partners

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The Meaningful Jobs Podcast - Open AI
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The Meaningful Jobs Podcast - Puma
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The Meaningful Jobs Podcast - Tuv Sud
Life-solvers - The University of Buckingham
Life-solvers - Berkeley Group


"Really helped me with my CV and prepping me for interviews."



International Career Fairs,  Personal/Employer Branding Consultancy,

UK/US/Canada Job Search Platform

Head Office:

2504, Hurlock Heights, 4 Deacon Street, London, SE17 1GF

Tel: +44 (0)203 302 1128

(whatsapp) +44 (0)771 251 3081

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