3 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right Secondary School in the UK

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Having gone through countless brochures and school fairs, but still feeling uncertain? Don’t

worry! Here, we will guide you through 3 factors, aimed to inspire you on what other points you should be considering on top of the basic curriculum info, and hopefully give you the final nudge in deciding the secondary school best fit for you.

1) Does the school provide a range of extra-curriculum events/ activities?

Rack your brains at games of chess, or fancy some regular basketball? Even the most studious should make time to put down their textbooks. Having access to a wide range of extra-curriculum activities will enrich your school life, as well as develop skills that are otherwise not taught within curriculum lessons. This will also provide an opportunity to meet classmates with similar hobbies, bonding and building your community at school. Don’t limit your school life to lessons in the classroom, you certainly want to check out what facilities and activities the school provides!

2) Does the school have an ethos statement?

The curriculum can be fairly similar across different schools, but what really defines your

experience there would be the school’s ethos and culture. A school environment that you are

comfortable with is the foundation towards performing better and enjoying your studies. Does the school exert harsh penalties and pressure depending on your academic performance? Do they promote and welcome ethnic and religious diversity? Do they celebrate talents and nourish your interests? These are all important points to consider. If the school does not have a clear ethos statement, you might find yourself having a school life far from what you were expecting.

3) Where is the school located?

Not only do you want to think about your everyday trip to school, you should also invest some

time to take a deeper look into which part of the UK is the school located in. On top of daily

convenience such as commuting, groceries and entertainment in close proximity. You can

research in detail if any of the following points may be of concern to you:

- Is it safe? ↔ Check the local crime rates

- Do you have worries of feeling alienated in a foreign environment? Do you want to

participate in any local community of same ethnicity or religion? ↔ Take a look into the

city’s demographics

- Would weather affect your daily routine? Are your regular activities or sports dependent

on the weather? ↔ Not only is the weather in UK hugely different from Hong Kong, it also

varies greatly all over the UK. It is best to be prepared.

This wraps up our 3 important factors. We hope this has given you a better vision on which

school to choose. If you are ever unsure about any points, research further or seek for advice via word of mouth. Good luck!

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