3 Proven Techniques To Resolve Couple Disputes

It is not surprising that disputes or conflicts arise between people, especially couples. Since people have different perspectives and personalities, conflicts in relationships are inevitable. In a romantic relationship, two people spend much time together so couples may have more chances to have disagreements. If a dispute is not resolved properly, it can damage a relationship. However, if a conflict is resolved successfully, it can make a relationship healthier by giving a chance for the couple to improve.

Listening to your partner actively

Giving your partners chances to express their feelings shows that you pay attention and respect your partners. Active listening skills can be used to show understanding to your partners. Using body language, for example eye contact, shows that you are listening attentively. Paraphrasing means rephrasing what your partner says in your own words without changing the meaning. It can prevent misunderstanding by making sure that you interpret your partner’s mind correctly.

Active listening skills not only prevent misunderstandings but also show your partners that you value what they think. It is an effective way to resolve conflicts.

Looking at the problem from your partner’s perspective

In any intimate relationship, it is impossible that a couple will have same perspectives on issues all the time. If we assume other looks at the issues from the same perspective as we do, misunderstandings will occur. Looking beyond your point of view helps you take your partner’s perspective. Both parties need to be objective in order to resolve the disputes or conflicts. When a couple understand the points of view of each other, they may not insist on their own perspectives and a more rational discussion is welcomed.

If you cannot take your partner’s perspective, you can try to look at the issues from the perspectives of a third party. You can be more objective and have chances to come up with effective ways to resolve the conflicts.

Looking for a win-win situation

Conflict resolution is not a win-lose battle. Many of couples try to find their partners’ fault and blame their partners for the fault in order to win in the conflicts. Even if you are right and win in the conflicts, it will not be the best way to resolve the problems. In order to attain a win-win situation in conflict resolution, it is important that both parties should be objective and find a mutually agreeable solution.

Conflict is a natural outcome of human interaction. All relationships, especially romantic relationships, have disagreements. Some couples are worried that conflicts will affect their relationships and try to prevent arguments with their partners. However, the issues may accumulate as time goes by and become more difficult to deal with. To resolve conflicts successfully can help your relationships grow healthier and strengthen the bonds between you and your partners.

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