3 things you can do if you don't wish to pursue a career in the field you studied at?

Why I entered my degree?

There are all kinds of reasons why we chose the field of study for our degrees. Some of us liked it and were good at it. Some of us considered the sustainable development of the field. Some even were just to simply achieve a degree to get an admission ticket to the society. No matter what we studied, the 4 year university life in fact makes an essential difference to our growth. The different elective courses broaden our perspectives to many different aspects. Our vision becomes more panoramic and sophisticated.

As an example, I have achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree. After I graduated, I could possibly become an Art teacher or teaching assistant, or a curator in a museum or gallery, or setting up my own art studio teaching Art. The point is, teaching is not my strength, but I just love making art as a hobby notwithstanding. This concludes that I am not those people who can combine interest and work together.

So…. what can I do?

  • Finding out our strength: this is like driving a Ferrari on a highly congested road, instead of driving it on a freely open highway. Putting something in an appropriate position is so important to bring out the best of it, and not to waste what God has given us individually. It took me many years to find out about my strengths. During this long process of learning about myself, I have worked in many different jobs. I quit, and I switched to another. In every interval of switching jobs, I discovered why I didn’t fit in or why it didn’t suit me. In this case, we meet friends from different industries and levels, these people from the social network enhance our mentality and our strengths may also be altered. Eventually, you will come to a point which you know better what you actually want to do.

  • Keep upgrading yourself: Once you have a stable income, don’t just stop there and be happy. All of us keep growing every day biologically, as well our brains also need inputs to be kept growing intellectually. Look for something you like to further study, this may not just be a spare time interest, but it would also open your door to more opportunities. You never know whom you are going to meet next. After you finish university, you simply have no chance of meeting new friends in an academic environment. Postgraduate study allows you to learn new things with people who have experiences and intelligence gained from different job areas. This might even be a juicier learning experience!

  • Self-owned business: To establish your own business is definitely not an easy path. In doing so, the person probably needs a very strong belief of his own goal and vision. Some supportive surrounding factors, especially the startup costs and the networking with stakeholders, are as well essential to the process. Of course the flexible working schedule is one very attractive advantage of a self-owned business. Basically, you have control over your own life instead of obeying to your boss from nine to five daily. One thing to keep in mind, you got to be a risk taker. You will fall down, just get back up and keep going again.

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