5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Are you having one of those days? You are at work, bored out of your mind. You could

have SWORE an hour has already passed, but the clock hands haven’t even moved an

inch. It’s painful mind torture, and guess what? You’re going through it all over again


Sure, these days happen for everyone from time to time. But if this is your every day,

then maybe you should consider a breakup with your job. Just like a relationship, there

are some signs for a much-needed departure.

Your Health Suffers

You just opened your eyes and you already dread commuting to work. The stress is

giving you a regular headache, not to mention the low energy and your disappearing

private life. Your work should challenge you, not harm you. Your career is important, but

your health is your one and only. Don't wait until the damages go from headaches and

moodiness to depression and cardiovascular diseases. Take care of yourself before it’s

too late.

You Don’t Care Anymore

The final result is not as good as expected? Whatever, it’s good enough... Classes for skills

improvement? Why bother? I perform just fine... If you find yourself facing every task

with this lackbuster attitude, maybe look back on when you first accepted this job, all

wide-eyed and passionate, that fuel which drove you to work better and harder, is it still

here? What can be done to reignite the flame? Maybe ask for new challenges, or build

closer bonds with your team? If all there is for you is a steady income and a predictable

life, then you’ve got to find your spark elsewhere.

You Don’t Matter

Of course you do, but you feel like you don’t, judging from how you are treated. You put

in all the extra work, overtime and all- no one acknowledged it. You have mentioned a

certain issue- nothing is done about it. It’s like you’re invisible, and your time and effort

have gone and wasted. Or worse, your effort is noticed but ignored, like you’re just a

gear to be used and thrown away after. No one should be made to feel this way. You are

leaving behind your self-worth, potential, and happiness to work for those who don’t

deserve you. If it doesn’t bring joy, leave it.

Your Career Goal Seems Further Away

Remember your job interview, when the interviewer asked “Where do you want to be in

a couple of years?”? You gave the answer they wanted, but they haven’t done anything

about it. As time goes by, you realize the job falls to help you focus on the skills and

interests that made you applied in the first place. Or maybe, there isn’t much room for

development, and you catch yourself thinking ‘that’s it?’ Each day you grow more

comfortable is each day you stray further from your career goal. It’s time you regroup


You Changed

Everyone does. You shouldn’t feel bad about changing your mind. Few are sure of their

goals and preferences from the get-go. We all have to go through trials and errors to find

out what clicks and whatnot. You should celebrate this current job, as it helps you

realize what you want for your career. Value this experience, and walk away from it.

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