Getting into HR in the UK/Canada

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Never before has the landscape of the business working environment changed so radically, in numerous ways, within such a brief passage of time. Before, the very idea of working full time from home was considered a luxury that only the lucky few of us could dream of, but here we are 1 year into a pandemic and workplaces are back on track with their employees having conference calls in their pyjamas with all their home comforts to hand. This is not the only drastic change, but only the most recent. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the dot com bubble around 2000 but not all companies have utilised what technological advantages have been there, while others have dipped their toe in somewhat.

Due to all the weird and wonderful advantages, working together as a team has never become so easy with computers playing a big role in our lives now to hold the teams together, share information faster, essentially the glue that’s holding us all together, but what we’ve hopped skipped and jumped over is the human element behind all of this and now is the time that HR needs to be revisited to review exactly how it manages caring for the people involved within the system.

The HR sector now requires a different breed of individual to apply themselves in this new

environment. But starting out will be tricky, you may not necessarily need a perfect degree for the role, but something to emphasise your skillset in many areas such as: finance, psychology, economics and interpersonal skills will guide you along the path. Having the perfect skill-set will not necessarily land you a role, companies will require you to have some key experience, so if you have no industry experience, then perhaps looking land an apprenticeship or an internship would be an ideal stepping stone. There are large companies offering internships ranging from recruitment specialists like Hays, to pharmaceutical giants Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) & even L’Oreal.

Getting experience at places like this will be no small feat though, as they have hundreds of graduates from the best universities around the world applying for these roles so you will have you work cut out for you.

When competing with the best and brightest from the UK/Canada/US, it is no secret that all the best Universities in the world are situated in these countries, so you can expect your competitors to be a products of an outstanding education system.

However innovation and thinking outside the box can sometimes be the driving force behinds one’s ability to innovate, so should you be dynamic enough, your penchant for looking for an alternative way of thinking may make you stand out from the crowd.

So in this ever changing environment, maybe the best thing to do is familiarise yourself with the old landscape through study, but look to new and emerging technologies and use your own initiative to incorporate them in the HR space that nobody has tried before and you could shine brighter than those around you because you’ve put in the work to plan for the future.

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