How to Get Into a Top UK Consulting Firm?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The latest figures show that UK businesses spent £10bn on consultants in

2020. Management Consultancies Association (MCA) members, which include major firms such as PwC and KPMG, generated £5.46 billion that year.

What is Consulting?

Consulting consist of professionals that provide expert advice in areas such as:

business, finance, investing, law, real estate, social media and education. These

experts spend years in their respective fields. This enables the consultant to give

their customers an incite they the client could not achieve on their own. There

are an estimated 60,000 consulting firms worldwide.

In this “age of information” consulting has become more accessible to everyone,

so naturally the demand has grown over the past ten year. With the internet

creating new industries every year. Consulting is becoming more and more

sought after.

The UK consulting industry

The UK consulting is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According

to www.consultancy.en which has ranked the top 20 consulting firms in the UK.

KPMG tops the list closely followed by Deloitte then Accenture. There are also

new independent firms starting in the UK every year. The average salary of a

consultant in the UK is 90,000. Which is very lucrative professional that does not

seem to be slowly down any time soon.

Top 3 UK Consulting firms in 2020


KPMG focuses on business management consulting with a focus on audit advisory and tax service. They have increased by 5 billion USD in revenue since 2010

2. Deloitte

Deloitte focuses on tax audit and risk management. The currently provide consulting services to 90% of the fortune 500 companies

3. Accenture

Accenture focuses on a wide range of industries, from banking to aerospace, from engineering to construction. They are well diverged in the consulting industry

How to become a consultant in a top UK firm

Competition is fierce in the job market to land a position at a top consulting firm in

UK. It comes down to education, interpersonal skills and desire. Most firms require

a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marketing or Accounting. For management positions a MBA (Masters in Business Administration) would be needed.

If you wanted to start your own firm, you would not need a

degree, but you would need a high level of expertise in your industry of chose and

and develop a good track record of success to attract new customers. Beside a

degree, you will need to have the ability to research industries and stay up on the

trends. That way you can give the most accurate information to your clients. This

is common and every person at a consulting firm should be able to do this. What

will set you apart are your interpersonal skill.

In today’s business world how, you relate to people makes all the difference.

Emotion Intelligence is the fastest growing trends in the business world. The

Ability to relate to your clients and coworkers on a more of a personal level. You

are not just selling the service, you are selling yourself. This way you can create a trust

between you and the client. Show that you care about their success and you are

not looking to just “get paid”. You can do this by researching the company your

are interviewing for and ask in depth question and their philosophy, vision and

mission. Doing things like this will show the firm you are interviewing for your

dedication, and research ability. Finally, you need desire. You might not get hired

at the first firm you are interviewing for, like: KPMG.

You are going must have to do things people are not willing to do.

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