How to Set Goals and Achieve them At Life

We may all have experienced failing to achieve a goal. But have you ever tried to find out why? It may probably be related to the setting or implementation process of your gaol. If you want to know more, keep on reading!

Goal-setting stage

A SMART goal is the first step to achieve success. SMART stands for specific, measurable,

attainable, realistic and time-based. Suppose you aim at keeping fit or strengthening your body but only set your target as ‘working out regularly’, then you are not ‘smart’ enough.


In order to be more specific, you may include the items you would like to work on, such as HIIT, jogging and swimming.


You have to quantify your goal. Planning how many times would you like to work out per week will be useful in this case.


It is important for an ambition to be a challenging yet achievable one instead of a ‘Mission

Impossible’. For instance, if you do not have the habit of running, you should not aim at running 7K every day at the very beginning. If your target is too difficult to reach, you may easily give up and end up in failure.


Scheduling an appropriate period of time to achieve the goal is also crucial. Considering the work out example, setting the length as 2-3 months will be appropriate since it takes time for your effort to pay off. Designing a time-table is also a good way to motivate yourself.

Implementing and evaluating stage

1.Monitor yourself

To ensure that you are on schedule, you should stick to the timetable and check your progress from time to time. (e.g. compare your weight once a fortnight with that of day one)

2.Treat yourself

If you are on making some progress, you may slightly reward yourself by whatever you like (eating a nice dessert, watching a new movie, buying new clothes…). If it is the opposite, it’d be better to review your plans and see how to improve it.

3.Learn from others

Making some references from online sources or newspaper articles will be helpful. For example, as people are getting more and more careful about their health, a number of articles or blogs written by nutritionists are available online, which are precious resources for those who are on the way of losing weight.

4.Work with others

Find a buddy to attain similar or same objective together. Let’s take working out as an example again: although running could be done alone, having a friend or family member with you will be much more enjoyable and relaxing. You can even publicize your ambitions, such as sharing your work out photos or videos, if you feel comfortable to doing so.

Developing a new target is never a piece of cake, not to mention achieving it. However, after

reading the above, are you confident to establish a SMART goal and nail it? I have already come up with one: writing at least 5 good stories or articles in 2021!

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