Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Want YOUR child to enjoy the benefits from UK education but is still unsure whether to send your child abroad or not? Read below to find inspiration to go ahead - we'll let you know how the UK secondary school system works!

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YEARs 7-8

Schools either follow the national curriculum or have their own curriculum, depending whether the school is a state school or private school.

No official exams are required during this period, but schools typically administer their own exams.

Typical subjects include the languages, Maths, sciences, technology, the arts and physical education

YEARs 9-11 - GCSEs

Students normally start studying the GCSE exams from year 9 and sitting the final GCSE exams in year 11.​

GCSE exams are offered for every school subject and students normally take 10-12 GCSE exams of their choice, which includes two languages, maths, sciences, humanities and the arts.​

Grades are awarded ranging from A* to U or 1-9 (9 being highest).

YEARs 12-13 - A-levels

The A-levels syllabus starts from year 12, with students sitting the final A-levels examinations in year 13.​

Most students take 3 or 4 exams and they can choose any subject combination they like, but subject choices are often influenced by what degree they plan to pursue at university. Students may drop a subject if they have chosen 4 subjects in year 12 (commonly known as the AS-level in the past) since universities often base their selection criteria on the best-3 subject grades.

​Subjects include The Languages, humanities, The Sciences, Maths, IT and The Arts​. Grades range from A* to U

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