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S2E1: Inside the Mind of a CEO: An Exclusive Fund Manager Interview on The Meaning of Work

Unveiling the Journey of Purpose and Values: Interview with Robert Netzly, CEO of Inspire Investing 🌟💼🙏

Join me as we uncover the inspiring story of Robert Netzly, the CEO of Inspire Investing, and delve into his remarkable journey of finding profound meaning in his work. In this captivating interview, we explore the depths of the mind of a leader who faced a significant dilemma - how to align his career with his Christian values.

Robert shares his personal transformation from a successful CEO and fund manager to a trailblazer in the investment industry. Initially, he experienced a growing discontent as his former company required investments in businesses that clashed with his deeply held Christian beliefs. Recognizing the misalignment between his work and his values, Robert took a bold step forward and founded Inspire Investing.

At Inspire Investing, Robert revolutionized the investment landscape by creating a company that exclusively invests in businesses that are biblically responsible and align with his Christian values. Through this powerful shift, Robert discovered a new perspective on work—one that empowered him to become a better leader, make a positive impact on the world, and achieve even greater success.

During our interview, Robert shares profound insights and practical tips for anyone seeking to find deeper meaning and fulfillment in their own work. He opens up about the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the transformational power of aligning one's work with personal values. This conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom for those yearning to integrate their faith and purpose into their professional lives.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to gain exclusive insights from a top CEO and fund manager. Tune in now to discover how Robert Netzly's journey can inspire and guide you on your own path towards purpose and fulfillment.

Guests: Robert Netzly

Company Name: Inspire Investing

Title: CEO

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