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(S2E3) From CEO to Podcaster: Why I Quit My Marketing Company to Pursue a Different Career

🎙️ Interview with Paul Hastings: Uncovering the Meaning of Work and Embracing a Higher Calling 🌍🎧

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Paul Hastings, a remarkable individual who embarked on a transformative journey from being a political marketing consultant to discovering his true passion and higher calling in life. In our conversation, Paul shared his profound insights on the meaning of work, the pursuit of purpose, and his inspiring venture as the host of the acclaimed podcast, "Compelled Podcast."

Paul's career initially revolved around political marketing, where he honed his skills and made significant contributions. However, deep down, he felt a lingering sense of restlessness and yearning for something more. After some soul-searching, Paul made the courageous decision to leave his successful marketing company behind and embark on a new path—one driven by his passion for storytelling and faith.

It was through this introspective journey that "Compelled Podcast" was born. Paul recognized the power of immersive storytelling as a means to celebrate the transformative experiences of Christians around the world. Through his podcast, he shines a light on the incredible ways God is working in the lives of ordinary individuals, and he shares their compelling stories of faith, redemption, and personal growth.

In our interview, Paul emphasized the significance of aligning our work with our deeper calling and finding meaning in what we do. He shared how his career shift allowed him to explore his true passions, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a positive impact on a global scale. Paul's story serves as a powerful reminder that our careers can be more than just a means of earning a living—they can be a vehicle for spreading love, inspiration, and faith.

By creating "Compelled Podcast," Paul has created a platform that not only entertains but also inspires listeners to reflect on their own journeys, discover their purpose, and seek a deeper connection with their faith. Through his dedication to sharing impactful stories, Paul has become an advocate for the transformative power of God's love and a beacon of hope for those who yearn for meaning and fulfillment in their own lives.

Join me in experiencing the incredible stories shared on "Compelled Podcast" as Paul invites us to explore the profound ways God is working in the lives of individuals across the globe. Prepare to be inspired, moved, and compelled to embrace your own higher calling and find meaning in your work.

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Guests: Paul Hastings

Podcast Show Name: Compelled Podcast

Title: Chief Host

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