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(S2E4): Lessons Learned: A Nonprofit Director's Reflections on Overcoming Burnout & Mental Health

In this episode, we delve into the world of nonprofit leadership and the mental health challenges that come with it. Join us as we hear from Dorcas, an inspiring NGO director, who has firsthand experience with burnout and mental health issues in the line of duty.

In this powerful conversation, Dorcas candidly shares her personal journey and the important lessons she has learned along the way. From the demands of managing a nonprofit to the emotional toll it can take, Dorcas opens up about the realities of nonprofit leadership and the impact it can have on mental well-being.

One crucial piece of advice that Dorcas emphasizes is the importance of not overworking and instead focusing on finding higher meaning in life. She shares that the passion for the nonprofit's mission is what initially propelled her forward, but she learned the hard way that constantly sacrificing her own well-being wasn't sustainable. Dorcas encourages individuals to reflect on their personal values, passions, and sense of purpose beyond work.

Also, Dorcas mentions the importance of not thinking that you can do everything yourself - she fell into the mistake in the past, thinking nobody could replace her role at a previous NGO, which led to unnecessary stress and anxiety. She ultimately collapsed under the pressure she created herself. It is therefore vital to identify faulty thinking patterns in ourselves.

This interview is a source of inspiration, providing an honest and open conversation about the real-world challenges of nonprofit leadership. Dorcas's resilience and determination to make a difference will leave you inspired and motivated to face your own obstacles head-on.

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