The Ultimate Shortcut to Advancing Your Career: Get a Coach

Everyone wants to earn great money, feel good about their work, and secure in their future. Unfortunately, many settle for less in a job they hate, feeling stuck, frustrated, or underpaid. Some are desperate for a new job but can’t get one.

What if there was a magic genie who could turn your life around so you can be on the right career path, feel fulfilled, earn more money, and live your best life? Would you rub the lamp? If you said yes, now could be the time to hire a career coach.

How exactly can a career coach help me?

These experts are skilled advisors who can objectively analyze your skills and qualities, point out your best features, and help create an effective strategy to get you where you want to be faster than going at it alone. Most are former recruiters who know exactly how to market you in the most desirable way to potential employers.

In a nutshell, they help individuals achieve their professional goals – getting you from point A to point B faster and more efficiently.

People often don’t recognize their true potential. They dream small or don’t believe that success is something they can achieve. A career coach can help you get past limiting beliefs you have placed on yourself and structure actionable steps you can take right now to propel you to a life you deserve.

These professionals don’t all provide the same thing. When choosing a career coach, it is essential to find one that best suits your needs. Some specialize in certain areas, but broadly they can help you to:

• Explore the job types that best match your strengths

• Improve your resume and optimize it to beat the recruitment bots

• Create a compelling narrative if you have an incoherent career history

• Improve your presentation skills to pitch yourself skillfully in job interviews • Make use of their network to connect you with the right people

• Tap into hidden job markets

• Construct a career strategy for greater success

• Point out areas for improvement to support career growth

• Negotiate a raise or land your next promotion

• Guide you in switching industries

• Break bad habits that hold you back from success

• Provide accountability to ensure progress

When should I hire one?

There is an outdated belief that career coaches are only for people who have lost their job or are desperately in need of another after submitting resume after resume without success. While this would be a perfect time to seek help, these professionals can help anytime you need a boost in your career progression.

You don’t have to wait for the day you lose your job or wake up frustrated and unfulfilled with your work. If you have ever wondered if your job is truly right for you, are frustrated with the pace of your progress, or if you simply want to make a change, now is a great time to be proactive and take action.

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