What not to forget when viewing UK Property?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

FORGET-ME-NOTs Property Viewing Tips That first love feeling, the beloved puppy smother, or butterflies in your tummy are all memorable forget-me-nots moments. The sensation of forget-me-nots are so profoundly powerful that it resides with you even after that moment passes. Shouldn’t viewing a home have that lasting forget-me-not affect? It isn’t just love at first sight, but an overall aura of how the property and surrounding elements connects with you. Not only is it what you see, but also sensing, inquiring and experience an objective and realistic understanding of the home you seek. Before you read on: If you want to schedule a FREE property consultation with us, click HERE If you want to view the latest UK properties we have, click HERE

Play Detective

Ever played 20 questions? The goal of 20 questions is to make a thorough analysis by the end of the questioning game. Do the same with your home viewing process. Be sure to either categorize your questions like:

- knowing about the history of the past owner, debts, reason for selling and potential offers being considered; - ask about the area, the neighbors and how the parking arrangements are set up as; - ask about the rates, charges on communal area and potential council tax; - ask about the condition of the house, the cost (minimum vs asking price), any renovations and certain layout of energy efficiencies or internet support in the home; Or simply bulk it all in. Be comfortable in scoping out the key 20 questions (on another 20 questions) until you have the reassurance you need. Investigate, explore and encapsulate your inner Sherlock Homes and inquire away.

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Using the Senses

The power of all your key senses can help contribute to a comprehensive shortlist when viewing homes.

Incorporating your sights, as well as bring a friend as an extra opinion, does not only help spot leaks or cracks, but also help gauge on the square foot, surrounding areas and external components that contribute to the actual home’s infrastructure. With that extra pairs of your friend’s ears, you are able to hear how busy or quite the neighborhood is, and also hear and feel the air circulations, the dampness or natural light which surrounds the both of you.

Don’t hesitate to touch or walk through each room per the floor plan. Give life to what the agent and/or seller shows and give your senses the opportunity to help make the decisions with you.

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