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It takes a hell lot of time to source and invest in the right property deals, not to mention sky high property management costs or worse still, tenants who don't pay rent on time.

Our solution:

30-70% reduction in costs in our property management services


We partner closely with skilled blue collar workers like plumbers, electricians and maintenance workers. This reduces our admin costs and allows us to charge less!


We also provide an innovative service called Know-Your-Tenant, where we provide a platform for property owners to get to know tenants better before renting out properties!

We also have independent, qualified property investment consultants and well-established financing channels to offer value for money property deals and land development deals!

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Land Investment

Property Development


We partner with professional property planners, developers and architects to help clients purchase value for money lands to develop properties!

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Property Investment Deals

We have over 5k+ worldwide connection with property developers, property owners, investment consultants, mortgage brokers etc.

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UK/US/CAD/AUS Property Investment Advisory Services

UK Property Management & Know-Your-Tenant Services


International Property Investment Services


Life-solvers' 50+ property consultants have more than 50k+ connections with landlords/landladies, tenants, developers, independent investment advisors, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and surveyors.

This allows you to spot the best investment opportunities, whether if they are on or off market, as well as receive quality, impartial property investment advice.

Speak to our property consultants to understand more about our latest deals and receive quality advice!


UK Property Management
UK Know-Your-Tenant

UK Property Management Service

(As low as GBP59/month)

Tired of sky high UK property management fees?

Contact us immediately (within England only)! ​

The reason we can charge this low is because we have direct contact with 1k+ tenants, repair workers, electricians, plumbers and so on - this allows us to save time and resources when liaising with multiple parties.

UK Know-Your-Tenant Service

Tired of not finding the right tenant?

Tired of late rental payments?

Contact us to put you through to prospective tenants, where you can get to meet them directly, before choosing with the one you would like to go with!

We will take care of the rest, including credit checks, references and proof of funds certifications!

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Int'l Property Investment


Based on individual client needs, we will match your aspirations/background with our 100+ executive, premium and senior property consultants/mentors, who have the experience, professional knowledge and networks to help you.


Our mentorship sessions are all tailor made for you and can cover all RICS APC and AssocRICS technical and mandatory competencies. Mentorship topics will cover at least, but not limited to the following topics:


- Property Trends
- Analysis of Potential Growth
- Market Sentiment and Timing
- Property Portfolio Management
- New Development Updates
- Property-related Calculations and Financial Ratios
- Yield and Interest Calculations
- Leverage and Borrowing
- Mortgages | Lettings | Sourcing and Property Viewings
-  HMOs | On-market and Off-market Opportunities
- Lease Options | Rent to Rent | Profiting Strategies etc.


UK Property Investment

100+ premium property consultants/mentors

100+ premium property course administrators


Join our tailor-made property courses to expand on your property knowledge and investment know-how to spot the best property deals!

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All current property services, except for new build investments, are offered for clients wanting to invest in UK property only. Contact our staff if you are interested in purchasing property elsewhere.

All prices listed here are upfront fees ONLY. Prices in GBP and are for reference only.



(Guaranteed Rental Scheme/ New Builds & Off-Plans)

Discover the latest property investment opportunities available through The Life-Solvers Company.

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Our Property


Use Cases

Scroll down to understand how we helped our clients get 100%+ returns on their property investments!



100%+ ROI - Property Flipping

Our property consultants helped Jenny flip a property to get her a ROI of 100%.

Step 1 - Consultation: We advised Jenny on what property flipping is and what her best strategy was to earn herself a great ROI within a short period of time.

Step 2 - Sourcing: We began sourcing for below market value properties for Jenny using our extensive UK property networks. Based on the agreed requirements, we found a 3 bedroom property in Doncaster worth around GBP100k.

Step 3 - Renovation and Management: Through our refurbishment consultants and builders, we refurbished and upgraded the whole property to make it more modern and comfortable for future tenants.

Step 4 - Lettings and Resell: Through our lettings partner, we filled the property with tenants and resold the property at around GBP230k. 

Profit Calculations:

1. Profit: Resell price less original purchase price: GBP230k - GBP100k = GBP130k

2. Costs: Refurbishment + Lettings/Management Cost/Sourcing Fee = GBP30k 

3. Net Profit: 1-2 = GBP130k - GBP30k = GBP100k

4. ROI: Net Profit / Original Purchase Price x 100% = GBP100k/GBP100k * 100% = 100%


Commercial Property Conversion to REsidential Property

150%+ ROI - Property Conversion

By obtaining planning permission and converting a commercial property to a residential property, we helped Frankie net a ROI of 150%+ within a short period of time.

Step 1 - Consultation: We advised Frankie on what planning permission and property conversion is, as well as what his best strategy was to earn himself a great ROI whilst minimalizing risks

Step 2 - Sourcing: We began sourcing for commerical properties using our extensive UK property networks. Based on the agreed requirements, we found a commercial property in London worth around GBP400k.

Step 3 - Obtaining Planning Permission: Through our legal partners, we filed on application form for Frankie to obtain planning permission for the commercial property. The application was approved after 8 weeks.

Step 4 - Property Conversion: After obtaining the planning permission, our refurbishment consultants and builders converted the commercial property to a residential property with 3 bedrooms.

Step 5 - Lettings and Resell: Through our lettings partner, we filled the property with tenants and resold the property at around GBP1.1m. 

Profit Calculations:

1. Profit: Resell price less original purchase price: GBP1.1m - GBP400k = GBP700k

2. Costs: Refurbishment + Lettings/Management Cost/Sourcing Fee + Planning Permission = GBP100k 

3. Net Profit: 1-2 = GBP700k - GBP100k = GBP600k

4. ROI: Net Profit / Original Purchase Price x 100% = GBP600k/GBP400k * 100% = 150%


Rent to


GBP10k+ Passive income -


Our property consultants helped Yvonne take on 5 rent to rent properties, with each generating an annual passive income of GBP3k for Yvonne (costs are not factored in yet)

Step 1 - Consultation: We advised Yvonne on what property rent to rent is and how she could generate income by renting a property and in turn, renting that property to other tenants.

Step 2 - Sourcing: We began sourcing for landlords who were willing to accept guaranteed rent for a fixed period. 

Step 3 - Lettings and Management: Through our lettings partners, we filled tenants to properties Yvonne took on, whilst managing the property on her behalf.

Step 4 - Passive Income: Through our help, Yvonne earned passive income from the difference between the rent she paid and the rent she received.

Annual Profit Calculations (for all 5 properties):

1. Profit: (Monthly rent received less monthly rent paid) x 12 months: (GBP550 - GBP300) x 12 = GBP3k

2. Costs: Lettings/Management Cost/Sourcing Fee = GBP1k 

3. Net Passive Income for 5 properties: (1-2) x 5 = (GBP3k - GBP1k)*5 = GBP10k