Case Study: Overseas Education Consulting

Student wanting to study in the UK - Toby

Step 1: Free Initial Consultation Session

Getting to know Toby

Our education consultants got to know Toby and his parents, understanding the student's academic qualifications, extra curricular activities, interests, personality, AND most importantly Toby's academic goals.

Step 3a: One-on-one mentorship

Sharpening Toby's skillsets

To help Toby get an offer from Oxford, our education consultant mentored him from Grade 10-12 on the following areas:

- Psychology Knowledge

- Essay writing and personal statement crafting

- Intro to UCAS system

- Oxford's TSA entrance exam prep

- Interview/Public speaking prep

Step 2-3: Formulation of Academic Plan

Planning ahead for Toby

Based on what was initially discussed, we formulated a study plan for Toby, recommending him to study IB Maths, Psychology & Econ. (@ higher level), with an aim to get an offer at Oxford to study Psyc. 

Based on the study plan, we matched Toby with an education consultant who studied psyc. in Oxford himself

Step 3b: Onboarding of Toby to Oxford

Ensuring Toby's smooth transition

After Toby got a formal offer, we provided assistance on his student visa and student accommodation-related issues, so that Toby can transit into Oxford smoothly.

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Case Study: Overseas Career Consulting

Job-seeker wanting to work in Australia - Cindy

Step 1: Free Initial Consultation Session

Getting to know Cindy

Our career consultants got to know Cindy, understanding her academic qualifications & working experience , personality, AND most importantly Cindy's career aspirations.

Step 3a: One-on-one mentorship

Sharpening Cindy's skillsets

To help Cindy navigate the interviews and get an offer from an i-bank, we prepped her in the following areas:

- Interview skills

- CV crafting skills

- I-bank industry knowledge

- Negotiation skills

Step 2-3: Hunting for Jobs in Australia

Planning ahead for Cindy

Based on what was initially discussed, we formulated a career plan for Cindy, recommending her to switch to a job in an I-bank in Australia.

We helped source and identify 4 senior VP positions at various I-banks suited to Cindy's profile with our connections.

Step 3b: Onboarding of Cindy to Sydney

Ensuring Cindy's smooth transition

After Cindy got a conditional offer, we provided assistance on her work visa and employee accommodation-related issues, so that Cindy can transit into Sydney smoothly.

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