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FREE Exhibitions

- Understand how property prices are derived from

- Understand the factors affecting property prices

- Understand how to purchase property at the best rates

- Gain In-depth Information on Various Property Developmental Sites

- Purchase Property On The Spot

- Network with the Best Property Agents

Primary Property Services


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Property Purchase

Get the best agents on offer!

We match our clients with our best property agents. Based on your requirements, our property agents will help source, identify and land you the best property deals, whether you are looking for New Builds, Houses and Apartments.

Our sourcing agents can also provide virtual tours and report write-ups of your ideal properties especially if you are unavailable to arrange a visit yourself.

Just let us know your requirements and we will match you with our property agents!

Property Investment (New Builds)

Get the best deals before anyone else does!

We offer exclusive discounts on particular new builds - put up to 25% deposit or 500k gbp in funds and we provide you with an excellent return annually on your downpayment or give you a generous retail price discount after the development is completed.


Find tenants efficiently for your property!

Finding reliable tenants that pay on time can be hard and time-consuming. Leverage our wide-reaching connections to find the best tenants for your property efficiently, and to let out your property with the best prices possible on offer.

Secondary Property Services


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Property Rental

Find the best rates available on the market!

Our property agents can find you the best rental rates on the market based on your ideal property criteria.


Get a mortgage efficiently!

Purchasing overseas/international property is easier than you think - banks are not the only way to get cheap mortgages.

We partner up with international asset management firms to lend investors money with great rates within weeks!

Property Investment Advisory

Get the best int'l property investment advice from our licensed partners!

Have a large sum of money and not knowing how best to invest it? Contact us for professional property investment advice! All our qualified partners have the required property and financial licenses to give you the best property advice possible

Property Management

Have somebody manage your property without fuss!

We offer property management services, helping you monitor the condition of your property and notifying you ASAP when we find problems with your property.

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Property Lawyers

Executing your property deal efficiently

We only provide you with efficient, local property lawyers who can execute your property deal in no time.


Get the best surveyors to inspect and valuate your property

Purchasing overseas property can be daunting, especially without knowing the condition of the property in detail.

Don't worry, our surveyors can help ensure that your ideal property is in good shape and is valued fairly before your purchase.

Renovation and Refurbishment

Renovate your property with the best materials available

Property prices can often rise multifold after high-quality renovations.

To help investors flip properties, we employ the most efficient and experienced professionals to renovate and refurbish apartments/houses.

Property Viewing

View your properties even though you are at another country

Do you know that you can ask somebody to carry out viewings on your behalf? Our viewing agents can take images and virtual tours of your property, allowing you to view your ideal property even though you are far away at another place.


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