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Finding somebody to manage your finances and taxes can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Contact us to find you a trustworthy expert to manage your money!

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Find your
Investment/Crypto Mentor

An investment mentor is someone who can equip you with the knowledge&skills necessary to make the best investment decisions.

If you are serious about investing and have a strong desire to learn from our professional investors and investment mentors, contact us NOW! 

Our investment mentors have helped mentees become experts in stocks, mutual funds, property, REITs, bonds, crypto, startup/ angel fund investing and many more!

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Ever considered finding an investment mentor?

Find our 100+ partners to manage your
taxes and finances!

Exclusive Services

Life-solvers (Finance) aims to link you up with our trusted, qualified financial consultant partners, including qualified accountants, financial advisors, investors, cryptocurrency experts, mentors and many more who are qualified and experienced to give you financial advice.

Scroll Down to thoroughly understand all the financial services we provide!

Note that for financial advisory on regulated financial activities/instruments, such as investment in securities, Life-solvers simply provides you with a qualified, licensed and trustworthy financial advisor who we know well - Life-solvers does not take any responsibility from any losses that you may suffer from financial advisors we recommend and is not licensed to give you financial advice on regulated financial activities/instruments.

Confident Businessman


Financial Advisor

+ Planner

I have over 10+ years of experience advising 2k+ clients on financial investments, such as stocks, funds and bonds, helping my clients reach their financial goals quickly!

Learn more about our partners by speaking to our staff!

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Accountant and Crypto Mentor

I am the go to person for over 1k+ families and businesses to keep their books and manage their taxes!

I am also an experienced crypto and blockchain investor, giving my clients up-to-date investment tips and crypto regulatory information!

Learn more about our accountants and crypto mentors/investors by speaking to our staff!

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Investment Mentor


I specialise in all sorts of investment vehicles, including stocks, bonds, REITs, mutual funds and many more!

My clients have on average, earned 10%+ on an annual basis - get in touch if you wish to amplify your return on investment (ROI)!

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Investment Mentor

(Startup/Angel funds)

Have you ever imagined that you can make a living, or even earn a fortune by investing in startups?

You don't actually need a lot of funds to start investing in startups! Get in touch and start investing wisely!

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“Thanks to Life-solvers, I learnt a great deal in cryptocurrency and blockchain investment. I even set up my own crypto business through Life-solvers' connections and help!"


“I could not thank Life-solvers' referral enough - I was struggling with my financial investments and filing my tax returns on time until I seek help from Life-solvers!"