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Business Mentorship

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Our business mentorship programs last for 6-36 months, and include professional group and 1 to 1 mentorship for business founders, executives and managers regarding at least the following topics:
Sales | Accounting | Business Acumen | Client Acquisition | Direction and Motivation | MVPs and Product Research | Cost and Benefit/ P/L Analysis | Recruitment | Legal | Technology Leveraging | Marketing & PR | Industry Specific Knowledge
All our mentors are heavily involved in building businesses and helping business owners scale their businesses. They also possess industry specific knowledge. Speak to our staff to request for our mentorship packages.

Mentorship and Consulting Benefits + Outcomes:

- Expansion of Quality Professional Networks
- Comprehension and Application of the Latest Industry Knowledge/Standards into good business practices
- Make Informed Business Decisions based on Proven Methods, Expertise and Experience from our qualified business mentors
- Overcome Business Challenges with Somebody who is Trustworthy and Supportive