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Career Mentorship Trial Sessions

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Based on individual client needs, our consultation sessions will be tailor made for you and will likely consist of the following consultation topics based on past experience:

Job Hunting Advisory/Strategy Consultation | Local Industry Knowledge | Local Recruitment/Hiring Cycle Knowledge | CV/Cover Letter Crafting | Interview Prep | Networking | Career Trajectory/Direction Consultation | Linkedin Branding | Marketing/Sales Skills

Service Details:
We will offer live online consultation hours with our career coaches, to give you a good understanding of what you need to do to take your career to the next level. Consultation topics include, but not limited to the ones listed above
* Our Mentorship Programs also offer online support hours, where you can send 2 emails per online support hour to our career coaches for further career advice, guidance and support.

* Offline Hours are approximate and include the preparation time needed for the career coach to deliver quality career coaching/mentorship

** (Discounts provided, see bottom row in the table below) Our Monthly Mentorship programs are suitable for clients who wish to receive on-going guidance and support from our career coaches to better develop their careers after they complete the trial mentorship program (Service Code C03)

Monthly mentorship quotes will be given after clients complete one of the above career consultation packages, should they wish to receive further consultation, or upon request. Monthly mentorship discount terms apply.