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Communication, Presentation and Public Speaking Course

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Learning Outcome:
Research has shown that unbelievable numbers of people have been denied career promotion opportunities because they could not speak confidently in front of people. Being a confident speaker brings people together in an organization, and this is what we will turn you into – an ultra-confident speaker/presenter who can speak elegantly, bringing positive energy to the organization!

Unit 1: What is Public Speaking and Presentation

Unit 2: Enhancing Confidence

Unit 3: Enhancing Presence

Unit 3: Tone of Voice, Gestures, Eye Movements

Unit 4: Supreme Introductions and Endings

Unit 5: Pitching, Presentation and Practice

Unit 6: The Mindset of Confident Speakers

Unit 7: Diction and Speed

Unit 8: Persuasion Techniques

Unit 9: Presentation Practice

Unit 10: Other Relevant Topics requested by the student to support his/her needs