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Negotiation Training (Job offer)

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Learning Outcome:
Being afraid of negotiations can cause you to miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds over the course of your career! We aim to help you get over the psychological hurdle of negotiations, turning you into an expert negotiator who can not only negotiation job offers well, but negotiate professionally in the workplace (e.g. negotiate pay rises, reduction in workload, raise out unfair treatments in the workplace etc.). We will give you the confidence and persuasion techniques needed to become a top-notch negotiator!

Online | In-person

Unit 1: What Is and Why Negotiation

Unit 2: What Is Leverage and How to Create Leverage

Unit 3: Becoming Aware of Your Leverage

Unit 4: When does Negotiation Begin

Unit 5: What is BATNA and its Applications

Unit 6: Negotiating a Job Contract

Unit 7: Negotiating with Your Boss/Colleagues

Unit 8: Mock Negotiation + Feedback

Unit 9: Persuasion and Negotiation Techniques

Unit 10: Other Relevant Topics requested by the student to support his/her needs