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Senior Primary Education Training

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Courses will cover the following areas:
Verbal Reasoning
Non-Verbal Reasoning
Quantitative Reasoning
Critical Thinking Skills

Reading Comprehension/Vocabulary - Kids learn vocabulary through context and reading. We would purposefully give students readings/vocabularies harder than what they know of/used to, such that we can push them to comprehend and enhance their curiosity to learn new concepts, all of which will benefit their future learning and growth

Essay Writing/Sentence Structure Skills - We would teach students how to construct sentences and paragraphs smoothly and logically

Paraphrasing/Summarizing Skills - One of the most underestimated skills is to learn how to consolidate complex concepts, theories and ideas into simple sentences that everybody can comprehend. We would give students concepts and theories harder than they are used to and guide them to reduce such concepts/theories into easily digestible sentences

Presentation/Debating Skills - We will train students to give speeches, lay out arguments and presentations with confidence to a high standard. We would teach students on areas like tone of voice, consolidation of content, eye contact, hand gestures, allowing them to deliver speeches/presentations with ease. We would also push the student where appropriate by giving them topics they are unfamiliar with and with little preparation time. In terms of debating, we would challenge students on the spot to stimulate thinking and guide them to lay out logical arguments through case studies.

Critical Thinking - We would provide students with stories and interesting articles designed to stimulate critical thinking. The tutor would then discuss with the student on areas based on or inferred from the lesson materials, stimulating and challenging the student to think from different perspectives. We would focus on asking the student to justify his/her answers such that he/she can learn how to formulate logical arguments.