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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Goal Setting (Beginner Level)

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Have you ever thought of achieving more success in life? NLP research have found that appropriate goal setting is the key. This course will give you the tools to set better, more achievable goals through cutting edge NLP techniques, which would lead to more success in your life.

Program Outline:

- NLP Fundamentals
- History of NLP
- What is Goal Setting
- Goal Setting from an academic and practical perspective
- What Anchoring
- Framing and reframing goals
- Improving the chances of achieving any set goal
- Case studies on goal setting

Learning outcomes:

- Understand what NLP is fundamentally
- Acquire techniques and proven methods to set realistic goals
- Adopt and understand goal setting from NLP and different points of view
- Significantly improve on the strike rate of goal attainment