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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Goal Setting (Intermediate/Advanced Level)

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NLP Intermediate and Advanced courses will cover the following topics, allowing students to explore their own minds, thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to achieve more success in life.

Note that the intermediate and advanced levels are simply one course divided into two. However, advanced level materials will build on intermediate level materials.

Topics will include:

- (Intermediate Level) Principles for success
- (Intermediate Level) Presuppositions of NLP and the NLP model
- (Intermediate Level) Improving sensory activity
- (Intermediate Level) Mechanisms for Change
- (Intermediate Level) Phobias and Changing Beliefs
- (Intermediate Level) Rapport Building
- (Advanced Level) Representational Systems
- (Advanced Level) Anchoring and Motivational Strategies
- (Advanced Level) Language and Linguistic Patterns
- (Advanced Level) Human Emotions Deciphering
- (Advanced Level) Self Reflection and Improving Quality of Life