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Property Investment/Sourcing Mentorship Program (Investment Advisory)

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The number ONE important thing in successful property investment is “Meticulous calculations” - without the ability to calculate profit margins, interest rates, rental yields and other ratios/calculations related to property investing, one could never make substantial profits in property investing.

Why Join Our Property Mentorship Program

We have over 50+ trusted, qualified and successful property mentors and consultants who have tremendous property investing experience, and more importantly, how to make actual money through wise property investments.

Equally important, they have wide ranging connections within the property market, including mortgage brokers, sourcing agents, real estate agents, solicitors, surveyors and so on, which gives you the ability to source for better deals and opportunities. This is vital in property investing since these valuable connections can lower your cost when making property investments significantly!

Our property mentors aim to transfer you their business, investment and mathematical acumen in property, enhancing your ability to spot valuable deals in the market and act on them accordingly.

Our mentorship sessions are all tailor made for you and will cover at least, but not limited to the following topics:

Property Trends | Analysis of Potential Growth | Market Sentiment and Timing | Property Portfolio Management | New Development Updates | Property-related Calculations and Financial Ratios | Yield and Interest Calculations | Leverage and Borrowing | Mortgages | Lettings | Sourcing and Property Viewings | HMOs | On-market and Off-market Opportunities | Lease Options | Rent to Rent | Profiting Strategies etc.